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    Zarevich is a famous Snezhnaya merchant who is traveling through Teyvat.

    It gives you the mission "What is promised is debt!", Which when you complete it in its 3 assignments gives you the achievement "Perfectionist" found in the group "Snezhnaya does not believe in tears - Part 1".


    Zarevich: Seriously, how can you keep me waiting so long ?! Zarevich Something wrong? Zarevich: There are monsters inside the canyon, and the Knights of Favonius forbade us to enter. They say it is very dangerous. Zarevich: But I've been waiting here forever, and I don't see you have any intention of lifting the blockade. These are the famous Knights of Favonius? Zarevich: Hey, you are an adventurer, right? So don't just stand there watching, hurry up and get rid of those monsters. Zarevich Who you are? Zarevich: Haven't you heard of Zarevich? * Sighs *, forget it, I'm not surprised a pawn doesn't recognize me. Zarevich: I am a famous Snezhnaya merchant who travels the Seven Nations doing business. I must say that when I got to Mondstadt my jaw dropped ... They are long overdue. Zarevich: The people here are not sophisticated at all, they do not have the spirit for business. In a week I can bankrupt them. Zarevich: * Sighs *, anyway, if I can do business, I don't ask for much. Zarevich Why don't you go with your subjects? Zarevich: Do you want me to go? Do not make me laugh. I'm not going to get my hands dirty on something like that. Zarevich: Also, my subjects are not required to assist the Knights, I am the one who pays them. Or are the Knights of Favonius going to pay for me? Zarevich: Those gentlemen are not at all refined. Also, I had a lot of inconvenience for them during my stay in Mondstadt, and now they want to take advantage of me? No way! Zarevich Goodbye. Zarevich: Come on, hurry to get rid of the monsters. I do not have time to lose.

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    • In the real world, the name "Zarevich" is a title given to the son of the Tsar, the former rulers of the extinct Russian Empire and the ancient Kingdoms of Bulgaria.
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