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    "Yujuuu!" Technique: Wind Collision

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    "Yujuuu!" Technique: Wind Collision it's a Sayu talent.


    The special ninja technique "Yujuuu!" It is a lightning-fast technique to roll across the battlefield. Transforms into a swift wheel of wind, dealing Anemo Damage when colliding with enemies. AT the end of the duration, execute a tornado kick that deals Anemo Damage on the AoE.

    Press once: It transforms into a wind wheel to roll a short distance and perform a tornado kick.

    Hold down: It transforms into a wind wheel to continuously roll and increase Res to Sayu's interruption. While in this state, Sayu can control the direction she rolls in and can release the ability again. Releasing the pulse will expire its duration and deliver a more powerful tornado kick than pressing once. If this ability is held down, an elemental change may occur. The wind wheel has a maximum duration of 10 seconds, and upon completion the skill will enter TOE. The longer it is transformed into the wind wheel, the longer it will be said TdE.

    Elemental change: If Sayu comes into contact with Hydro / Pyro / Cryo / Electro while in a wind wheel state, said wheel as the tornado kick will deal an additional Elemental Damage bonus of that type. The elemental change can only occur once during the skill.


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