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Worse Goldet is a non-playable character found at the Wangshu Inn in Dihua Swamp, Liyue. She is the owner of the inn, a distinction on which she insists a lot. He also sells the posada's dishes and recipes.

Verr Goldet is involved in the Archon Mission "Chapter I: Act I - The Land Between the Monoliths". Your dialogue will change slightly after completing the mission.


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  • 2 Profile
  • 3 Store
  • 4 Missions and events
    • 4.1 Archon Mission
    • 4.2 Legendary Mission
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  • 5 Inactive appointments




Verr Goldet is the head of the Wangshu Inn and the wife of Huai'an. She is supposedly originally from Mondstadt and moved to Liyue once she got married. However, Jiangxue points out that no one from Mondstadt knows her, which suggests that she is using an alias or may be from another nation.


Image Purpose Cost Limit
48px Almond tofu 1 550 2
48px Meat rolls with matsutake 1 750 2
Noodles with mountain delicacies 2 150 2
Chicken and mushroom skewer 450 10
Recipe: Vegetarian Abalone 2500 1
Recipe: Bamboo Shoot Soup 2500 1
Matsutake 300 10
Butter 270 10
Sausage 840 10
Silk flower 1000 10
Crystal bell 1000 10

Missions and events

Archon Mission

  • Chapter I, Act II: The Land Between the Monoliths
    • Posada Wagshu

Legendary Mission

  • King of the Golden Wings
    • The Butterfly Dream - Astral Projection


  • Rite of the Lantern
    • The origin of the lanterns
    • A light on the sea

Inactive appointments

  • Let me guess...
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