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World Quests are given to players through NPCs, they introduce some little stories and give a general idea of ​​the places in the world. Some have Adventure Rank requirements.

Mission list

  • Ah, fresh meat!
  • Warning: low temperatures
  • Changchang and his little friend
  • Questionnaire on the «Manual of the Knights»
  • Archon Anemo and Mondstadt
  • The Chi of Guyun
  • The enigma of Nantianmen Mountain
  • Yaksha's desire
  • The poisonous tooth
  • The Infant Jiang
  • In the mountain
  • The book lost in the forest
  • The landscape of the Lihua Pond
  • The Seal of the Graveyard of Swords
  • Guyun's lonely ship
  • The Treasure of the Guili Plain
  • The treasure after the storm
  • The weather and the wind
  • Havoc after the storm
  • Flora and floating flowers
  • Equivalent exchange
  • Alpine research
    • Continuation of alpine research
  • The perfect picture
  • The endless investigation
  • The pearl of the ocean
  • Books that are worth their weight in Mora
  • Cleaning the vineyard
  • The valuable must be taken care of
  • The affairs of the Adventurer's Guild
  • The nine pillars of peace
  • Old tastes never die
  • Provisional measures
  • Snow country
  • Lost in the mountain
  • Essential procedures
  • Traces of Tianchiu
  • Relaxer I
  • Relaxer II
  • Work overload
  • Working after the storm
  • After the treasures of Tiachiu
  • Aquatic treasures
  • A lonely tree, without a forest of its own
  • A juicy business
  • A poem for the city
  • A problem with the Forge
  • A problem with the wind
  • A kingdom under the snow
  • A job for more than one
  • A quiet day in Liyue
  • A majestic ancient city
  • An offering for the Adeptus
  • Stone will
  • And the treasure is for
  • The return of the Jade Chamber?
  • Shall we play?
  • We took a picture?
  • What do adventurers do?
  • To the thief!
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