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    Wind trap bottle

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    Joel Fulleda
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    “An object to attract anemogranos and use them to create wind currents. The scholars of the Knights of Favonius designed this object blessed by Archon Anemo to facilitate the exploration and travel of the knights. However, to take advantage of its currents with a glider, a flight license is necessary, which reduced its use due to legal issues. »

    ~ Description.

    El Wind trap bottle it's a gadget, this is reusable and at quick use.


    • 1 Obtaining
    • 2 Use
    • 3 Manufacturing
    • 4 Curiosities


    • Their blueprints are unlocked when Reputation level 3 is reached in Mondstadt.


    A maximum of 5 charges can be stored in the bottle and used to release a single stream of wind each. It can be used an unlimited number of times as long as it is recharged. Using a charge puts the item on a 100 second cooldown. A single charge will create a wind current for about 9 seconds.

    A good place to find anemogranos to load the bottle just southwest of Windbreaker. To pick up a load, simply walk on an Anemograno.

    The mutated Anemogran found in Dragonwing also serves as a cargo. There is no change in the wind current created.

    La Wind catcher bottle cannot create updrafts while the player is in combat.

    Note for multiplayer mode: Apparently it is not possible to collect anemogranos in other players' worlds, but the item can still be used and consequently charges can be consumed.


  • Hurricane Seed
  • 10 × Hurricane Seed
  • Flying daisy
  • 30 × Flying Daisy
  • Piece of glass
  • 50 × Crystal Shard
  • blackberry
  • 50 × Sea
  • Wind trap bottle
  • 1 × Wind trap bottle
    • 10 Hurricane Seed
    • 30 Flying daisy
    • 50 Piece of glass
    • 50 000 blackberry

    1 Wind trap bottle


    • Although its created in Version 1.1, a sound effect was added in Version 1.4.
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