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    What is promised is debt!

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    Mart铆 Micolau
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    "Zarevich, the merchant from Snezhnaya, is looking for someone he can trust to help him solve some problems ..."

    What is promised is debt! It is a commissioned mission from Mondstadt. By completing all the tasks that it asks of you and as specified (that is, you must do the mission three times), you will get the Perfectionist achievement, belonging to the Snezhnaya No Believe in Tears set of achievements - Part 1.


    • 1 Details
    • 2
      • 2.1 Enemies at the foot of the mountain
      • 2.2 Enemies on the mountainside
      • 2.3 Enemies on top of the mountain
    • 3 Rewards
    • 4 Dialogue


    1. Talk to Zarevich.
      • Pick a location: mountaintop, mountainside, or foot of the mountain.
    2. Defeat the Hilichurls as specified by Zarevich.
      • Top of the Mountain: First defeat the Mitachurl with Fire Ax, then defeat the Mitachurl with Wood Shield and finally the Samachurl to complete it properly.
      • Mountainside: Prevent merchandise crates from breaking for proper completion. Both you and Hilichurls can damage them.
      • Foot of the Mountain - Defeat enemies within 1 minute to complete properly.
    3. Report to Zarevich.

    Enemies at the foot of the mountain

    1. Mitachurl with Fire Ax 脳 1
    2. Hilichurl Crossbowman 脳 3

    Enemies on the mountainside

    1. Hilichurl Warrior 脳 3
    2. Hilichurl 脳 2

    Enemies on top of the mountain

    1. Mitachurl with Fire Ax 脳 1
    2. Mitachurl with Wooden Shield 脳 1
    3. Samachurl Hydro 脳 1


    1. Additional reward:
      • If you complete the order correctly:
        • Blackberry 脳 5000
      • If you do not complete the order correctly:
        • Blackberry 脳 1000
    Adventure Range
    12 ~ 15 10 175 1,850 15 0 ~ 1 1 ~ 4 0
    16 ~ 20 10 200 2,125 20 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    21 ~ 25 10 200 2,400 20 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    26 ~ 30 10 225 ? ? 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    31 ~ 35 10 225 2,675 25 0 1 ~ 4 0 ~ 1
    36 ~ 40 10 250 3,225 30 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    41 ~ 45 10 250 3,500 30 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    46 ~ 50 10 250 3,775 35 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2
    51 ~ 55 10 250 4,075 35 0 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 2


    Zarevich: What a bad luck! Those Knights of Favonius ... What happens? Tsarevich Hm! The Knights of Favonius are inept. They told me I couldn't pass because there were monsters up ahead. Tsarevich But I haven't received any news from them about it yet. You can't trust them! Tsarevich Besides, I have many things to do. Do you have any idea how much money you are losing me? Tsarevich Hm ... you seem to be an adventurer. How about I pay you to help me with a few things? I got this. Tsarevich Fantastic. I like direct people like you. When you're done, I'll make it up to you properly. How many Blackberries are we talking about? Tsarevich Ha! That depends on how well you do it. But if you do it right, rest assured that you will be rewarded. Tsarevich Maybe I'm wrong, but I see more and more Hillichurls around Mondstadt. Hm! I don't understand what those Knights of Favonius do all day ... Tsarevich Since you agreed to help me, could you clear the Hillichurls area? Although you will be alone ... Hm ... Tsarevich Bah ... It doesn't matter. You decide which place to clear: the top, the side or the foot of the mountain. Tsarevich Whatever the place, the mission is to clear it of Hillichurls. Come on, choose quickly. Do not make me waste my time. I will go to the foot of the mountain. Tsarevich On foot? There is not much to do around there, there is only one group of Hillichurls. They are not a great threat, but the truth is that I do not like to see them there. Tsarevich Okay, go clear the area. Since it's an easy task, you can finish it in ... a minute. Enough, right? I will go to the mountainside. Tsarevich Ah, there is a shipment that I took to sell. Tsarevich But now it is not only impossible to pass through there, but some Hillichurls stalk my merchandise. Tsarevich Luckily they can't tell a good product from a bad one, and they didn't even touch my stuff. Tsarevich Go clear that area of 鈥嬧婬illichurls. And remember: don't touch the shipment. The boxes are very fragile. Tsarevich * Sigh *, if the roads are still blocked I'm afraid I won't be able to sell that merchandise. I will go to the top of the mountain. Tsarevich Hillichurls at the top are the hardest to cast. Before, I used to go there to enjoy the tranquility, but now I don't even dare to go near it. It's a shame. Tsarevich Hm ... you seem pretty strong. You may be of use to me for this task. Tsarevich Remember to get rid of the biggest one first, the one with an ax. It makes me furious just thinking of him walking around at ease. Tsarevich And then kill the one with the very large shield. How much I hate it! Tsarevich Lastly, get rid of the cane bearers. What were their names? ... Samachurls? Yes, those are the weakest. Tsarevich Anyway, go defeat them all. I don't want to see them. (Defeat the Hilichurls exactly as Tsarevich requested) Tsarevich: And good? Did you already do what I asked? (At the foot of the mountain, in less than 1 minute) I already did what you asked. Tsarevich So fast? But if not a minute has passed, right? You are good. You are very good, hahaha! Tsarevich It's not bad at all. Here, 5000 Blackberries. Not one is missing! (At the foot of the mountain, in more than 1 minute) I already did what you asked. Tsarevich Wow, slow as the Knights of Favonius. I told you to do it in a minute. Did you forget or did you not even listen to me? Tsarevich Hum! You do not pay attention to a detail as simple as that ... Take 1000 Blackberries. Do what you want with them (On the mountainside, keeping the cargo) Of course. Tsarevich It's not bad at all. You are good at what you do. Not a box was broken. Tsarevich Here, 5000 Blackberries. Let's get back to business if the opportunity presents itself (On the mountainside, destroying the cargo) I already did what you asked. Tsarevich Do you not understand me when I speak, or did you not even bother to do it right ?! Tsarevich I told you not to break the boxes. How come there are so many broken? I don't think I can sell it now ... I didn't see any cargo ... Tsarevich It was those boxes! Or is it that you think I like to leave my merchandise lying around? Tsarevich Forget it. I have nothing but to talk to someone as careless as you. Here, 1000 Blackberries. Let's go! Get out of my sight! (On top of the mountain, following the order) I already did what you asked. Tsarevich Wow! You really are efficient! Tsarevich Well, I have no more to say. Take 5000 Blackberries. Snezhnaya merchants always deliver on our promises. (On top of the mountain, not following the order) It's done. Tsarevich I saw how you did it, you know? Tsarevich I don't know if you are used to going easy, or that you did not pay attention to me when I told you who you had to attack first. Tsarevich Do you know what Snezhnaya merchants say? "What is promised is debt." Tsarevich I pay you to help me, and everything I say, I say it for a reason. Tsarevich You did what I asked, yes, but with this result ... At the most, I can give you 1000 Blackberries. Take, and go!
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