Weak resin

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Aina Martin
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«An item used to charge 60 points of Original Resin.

A crystalline substance that contains some energy that can be absorbed by the original Resin.

The flow of all kinds of energies is the cause of many wonders and also many challenges in this world. It is those same energies that are kept within this crystal. »

La Weak resin it is a consumable item.

Effect on Consumed

Restores 60 original Resin to the player, it cannot exceed the limit of 160 Original Resin.


  • As an adventure rank reward
    • Receives × 1 in Ranks: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 24, 26, 28
    • Receives × 2 in Ranks: 25, 27, 29 49
  • Using Adventurer's Cake (x1, given on the Traveler's birthday)
  • Battle Pass: Gnostic Chorus Reward (× 5 per Battle Pass period, costs real money)
  • Travel Supplies Pack (× 1 per week, costs real money)
  • Klee's Secret Event Reward Days 1-4 (x1 per day, delivered by mail; limited time of 23/10/2020 al 11/11/2020)

See also

  • Original resin
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