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    Watatsumi Island

    Plants and trees grow thickly on Watatsumi Island. Its color is different from those of other islands. »

    ~ Version 1.6 special program

    Watatsumi Island (Japanese: Watatsumi-jima) is one of the Inazuma Islands. Between these islands, he is located at the opposite end of Narukami Island, where the Electro Archon resides. It was revealed on the Live Show in Version 1.6.


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    The island is known for its dense foliage in stunning colors that are distinct from plants found elsewhere. The Sangonomiya Shrine is located in the center of this island, surrounded by a canopy of mountains and waterfalls. The distance from the capital city has allowed the residents of this island to develop their own unique culture and customs, and as such, many places in Inazuma outside of this island are well aware of the bad relationship they have with the Shogun and their government: There was a brutal war between the two long ago, but it finally ended with the Sangonomiya Clan seeking peace.

    The people of Watatsumi, under the leadership of the Sangonomiya Clan, worship the Orobashi (Japanese: 海 祇 大 御 神) instead of the Shogun Raiden.

    As a result, the Visions Capture Decree has pushed the hostility between the Sangonomiya Clan and the followers of the Shogun Raiden, particularly the Tenryou Commission, to an all-time high. The Sangonomiya Resistance has risen up in opposition to the decree, while the Tenryou Commission has established a base on the island to crush them.

    Notable features

    of an academic

    "... They don't tend to treat Archon Electro's altars on Watatsumi Island properly, and this case is no exception ..."
    "... There are no more ruins related to the Narukami Island civilization around here. There is no point in continuing to investigate from this angle ..."


    World mission

    • Abismo Plenilunado
      • El ojo de Watatsumi
      • El diente de Watatsumi
      • La aleta de Watatsumi
      • La cola de Watatsumi
    • Watatsumi's heart
    • The divine plant of the deep
    • The lonely sea creature


    Common enemies

    Hilichurl Berserker Hilichurl Ballestero Pyro Samachurl Electro Spectrum Anemo Geo spectrum Hydro spectrum Nobushi --Astucia Nobushi - Fire Debt Nobushi --Filodemonio

    Elite enemies

    Samurai Kairagi - Fiery Menace Samurai Kairagi - Dancing Lightning Defender of the Ruins Ruin Destroyer Ruins Explorer Ruins Patrolman


    Hypostasis Hydro


    Sangonomiya ShrinePiscina SuigetsuBourou villageMouun shrine

    Inazuma's Diary - Watatsumi IslandThe Heart of Watatsumi

    Change history

    2.1 version Watatsumi Island was added to the game.
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