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    Wangshu Inn

    Wangshu Inn

    “The inn at the southern end of the Dihua Swamp serves as more than just a resting place for guests. They say that the Wangshu Inn is the perfect place to have a date under the moonlight. Moreover, according to folk tales, even the noble Adeptus enjoy such light in this place. »

    ~ Lookout Observation Post, Places

    The Wangshu Inn is a place within the Dihua Swamp, Liyue, built on a huge stone pillar.



    Since most of the customers who stop here are street vendors, the inn provides them with an area to trade and set up stalls. The view from the top of the inn is astonishing: weather permitting, you can see all the way to Mount Chingtsé and the Jueyun Gorge in the distance.

    A legend among the stalls says that the tower of the inn hides a mysterious secret, but that is all that is known, since no one has been able to verify those claims.

    The inn itself is run by Verr Goldet and her husband, Huai'an.


    Low level

    • Caspar
    • Dandy, adventurer
    • Great merchant Huang, traveling merchant
    • Huangshan, escolta
    • Jiangxue
    • Madame Qin (by day)
    • Master Hui (by day)
    • Chingzhou, bardo
    • Xi, maid (by day)
    • Xiling, marinera
    • Xuanfan, sailor
    • Yuhua, waitress of the inn
    • Zhen Chiang, goalkeeper
    • Zhonglin, traveling merchant

    Top floor

    • Huai'an, gerente de la Posada Wangshu
    • Holderlin (by day)
    • Moli (by day)
    • Landa, traveling merchant
    • Richie, dog
    • Smiling Yanxiao, chef
    • Soraya, scholar
    • Diya
    • Verr Goldet, jefa de la Posada Wangshu
    • Whiskers, cat
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