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    Wang the Spanner

    Wang the Spanner
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    Wang the Spanner is a non-playable character located in the shipyard in the Port of Liyue. He can be found wandering the upper levels of the shipyard.



    Wang the Spanner is in charge of repairs at the shipyard. His companions nicknamed him "the Monkey Wrench", and his real name is unknown.

    Wang the Spanner and Siyu, his childhood sweetheart, grew up by the sea. The two were frequent troublemakers, which often resulted in sermons from the adults. He has always treated Siyu fairly, sharing food with her and even teaching her arithmetic. At some point, Siyu gave Wang the Monkey a handkerchief that he still cherishes.

    While Siyu was fulfilling his dream of marrying a Prince Charming, Wang the Monkey Wrench joined the fleet for a few years and returned to the shipyards, for which he was recognized as the best repairman the docks have ever seen.


    In the past, Wang the Spanner and Siyu were troublemakers. He was initially a shadowy man, comparing his past self to Li the Hammer, but was enlightened by many circumstances, including Siyu's efforts. As sad as it may have been, he has always treated Siyu with great care.

    Today, Wang the Monkey is a cheerful, charismatic and talkative man, always posing as an upbeat and approachable person. He is known for his strength and is willing to help others, valuing both his work and the memories of his crew.

    With reasons unknown to Siyu, Wang the Monkey and her husband apparently don't get along. Wang the Monkey still wants Siyu in his heart, and even talking about it again results in him crying, lamenting the fact that he didn't confess when it wasn't too late.


    Wang the Monkey Wrench is a muscular man with short curly brown hair and grayish-green eyes, framed by thick eyebrows. He wears a dark teal green shirt, with a white vest patterned with gray stripes and azure blue borders. Her dark blue pants, attached by a black belt, are loose and cut just above the ankles, with white leggings underneath. He wears dark blue cuffs, aligned below his elbows. Her shoes, almost the same shade as her hair, are low with a short toe.

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