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    Wagner is a non-playable character in the city of Mondstadt. It can be found at the Schulz Smithy near the main gate of the city.

    He is a blacksmith who can forge certain 4-star weapons and sells the 2-star series. Each weapon can only be purchased once every 24 hours. Share the work with Master Zhang.



    Wagner is the chief blacksmith in Mondstadt. He created the great sword of Noelle.


    Wagner does not have a friendly personality, of which Paimon and his apprentice Schulz take note, where the latter considers him brusque. He is frank and direct, he has no time for idle chatter and is always seen carrying out his clients' orders. He claims that other blacksmiths are there to make Mora go faster, stating that he does not intend to hand over his smithy to his family members, but instead chooses to pass on his skills to his apprentice.

    Being the only blacksmith in Mondstadt, Wagner also takes great pride in his skill and reputation. After creating several large swords for Noelle to test, when he returned with them broken, he initially believed that she was not worthy of his swords, but quickly realized that she was too strong for them, which was said to have nearly carried him off. to seclusion, but eventually created a sword that he could use. While he is strict with Schulz to ensure that he will become a renowned blacksmith in the future, it is also implied that he cares about him.


    Purpose Cost Limit
    Wagner Silver Sword 600 1
    Wagner Mercenary Sword 600 1
    Wagner Iron tip 600 1
    Wagner Pocket Grimoire 600 1
    Wagner Bow of the Seasonal Hunter 600 1

    Missions and events

    World missions

    See also: World missions.


    • The secret to being a good blacksmith?
    • We don't have second-rate items here!
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