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    HR visions they are gifts given to humans who are recognized by the gods. They grant the bearer elemental abilities based on the element of their given Vision. Those with these are said to have the possibility of ascending to Celestia and attaining divinity themselves. These objects take the form of shiny crystal orbs, with the symbol of the respective element in the center. According to current knowledge, Visions cannot be destroyed and after a person's death, their Vision will become a dormant contraption and lose its color.

    The Fatui have fabricated false Visions called Deceptions. They have more power than those granted by a Vision and do not require that their user be "chosen", but they also have the possibility of being counterproductive. An example is Crepus, who had no Vision, but had no known side effects when handled by Diluc, the blessing of Vision. Archons do not need "primitive tools" like Visions and can channel energy directly from Celestia through an element called Gnosis. That said, the Archons seen so far were associated with their elements prior to becoming Archons, so their reliance on a Gnosis for power is doubtful.


    • 1 About visions
      • 1.1 Receive a Vision
      • 1.2 Visions without an owner
      • 1.3 Who grants the visions?
      • 1.4 Visions in sight
      • 1.5 Known Vision Users
    • 2 Appearance
      • 2.1 Mondstadt
      • 2.2 Liyue
      • 2.3 Inazuma
      • 2.4 Sumeru
      • 2.5 Fountain
      • 2.6 Natlan
      • 2.7 Snezhnaya
    • 3 Curiosities

    About the visions

    Very little is known about Visions, even to those who have been granted one, as well as those who investigate Visions.

    The only thing that is known for sure is that the Visions are conduits for their associated elements. However, the means by which Visions allow their bearers to harness elemental energy, as well as what is exchanged for this power, are a mystery.

    The way in which its powers are manifested also varies according to the abilities and personality of the user. For example, Fischl is the only person currently known to have created a seemingly independent relative (Oz) through his Vision, and he appears to have unconsciously manifested it based on the character of Flowers for Princess Fischl, his favorite novel series.

    Visions can resonate under certain circumstances, such as when reacting to elemental energy nearby. A resonant Vision will blink. However, what this means is unknown, and it is also unknown whether the effects are the same for all resonance sources.

    The decorative designs around the Visions, as well as the shape of the Visions, are not based on elements. Both are based on region, although it is unknown whether they are based on the location of the bearer upon receiving their Vision or the location of the bearer's home. It is not known if each Vision already looked as it was when it was first received or if it was shaped manually by its owner or dedicated craftsmen after the fact.

    Receive a Vision

    When a god has deemed a person worthy of a Vision, there are two ways to receive it: A new Vision appears before them in the blink of an eye, or a Vision without a nearby owner is reactivated.

    Visions have been received in many different situations, ranging from near death experiences to situations that were not at all noteworthy.

    Visions are received at different ages.

    • Diluc received his at the age of ten, supposedly at an exceptionally young age.
    • Klee, who was also recognized by a Vision at "a very young age", probably received her Vision when she was even younger than Diluc, as she is still a little girl.
    • Qiqi also received her Vision when she was very young, as she received it during her final moments when she was still a child, before being saved.
    • Hu Tao received his Vision when he was thirteen years old.
    • Fischl received his after he was fourteen.
    • Kaeya, who is around Diluc's age, received her Vision on the night following Diluc's 18th birthday a few years ago.

    While there are no official ages currently confirmed for any of the characters, some of the playable characters are children or the equivalent of children, and many playable characters appear to be teenagers or young adults, meaning they received their Visions while they were relatively youths. It seems likely that it is common for Allogens to have received their Visions as teenagers or young adults, as young children expect to have Visions once they "grow up" and adults eventually decide that they will never receive a Vision.

    It is currently unknown if anyone has received a Vision when they were a baby or an older adult or if any of the situations is possible.

    Visions without an owner

    An ownerless Vision of Inazuma that has no resonance. Such Visions lack elemental status and cannot grant specific elemental talents.

    After an allogene dies, its Vision loses its color and becomes an empty shell with no trace of elemental power. These Visions are known as Ownerless Visions and have a low probability of resonating with another person. Due to the history behind these, it is considered as a commodity.

    The decorative design around a Vision without an owner is preserved. It is unknown if the decorative design changes or can be changed after it is reawakened.

    There may be a belief that it is easier, or at least possibly easier, to reawaken an ownerless Vision than to obtain a new one. After taking the Vision from his dead friend, Kaedehara Kazuha has deliberately tried to wake her up many times (presumably with other people instead of himself). When the Masterless Vision was in Fei the Skyscraper's hands for a brief period of time, Kaedehara Kazuha threatened to maim and nearly kill him to try to get the unknown Fei to awaken the Vision, but to no avail. Kaedehara Kazuha also offers the Unowned Vision to the Traveler to see if he can reawaken her. While many people wish to obtain a vision without a teacher, it is unknown if they share this belief.

    Characters who have reawakened an ownerless Vision include:

    • Mona
    • Ninguang

    Who grants the visions?

    It is unclear whether the Visions are granted directly by the corresponding Archons of their elements, indirectly given by the gods in Celestia in accordance with the Archon's will, or generated through some other phenomenon.

    The Traveler's apology to Venti for taking power Anemo without permission suggests that they are granted by their respective Elemental Archon. There are also some similarities that can be drawn between users of the same Elemental Vision and the situations in which they received their Vision, suggesting that their personality or response to a problem won them favor with the Archon of an element, although there are no clear limits. confirm it.

    Furthermore, since Baal enacted the Visions Capture Decree a year ago, no one in any nation has obtained Electro Visions, leading Sumeru Academy scholars to believe that the will of the Archons determines the distribution of new Visions.

    Additionally, all characters who attribute their Vision to a specific god name the Archon who presides over their own nation. For example, Keching attributes his Electro Vision to Morax, the Geo Archon, and not to Baal, the Electro Archon. Similarly, Klee was told that his Vision is a gift from Barbatos, Archon Anemo, rather than Murata, Archon Pyro.

    Notably, when Kaedehara Kazuha discusses the Visions Capture Decree with the Traveler, she postulates that "each of the Seven Archons had their criteria for bestowing Visions on living beings"; in the context of the Visions Capture Decree, this would then imply that Baal doubts the aforementioned criteria or possibly even the act of giving Visions. It is still unclear if it is really true that Archons grant Visions of their own element or if this is simply the result of a general lack of knowledge about Visions. Furthermore, it is unclear if the people of Teyvat believe that the Archons personally bestow Visions or if they believe that there are simply criteria set by the Archons that lead to the automatic production or reactivation of Visions.

    When someone receives a Vision, they see a rising "cube ladder".

    Visions in sight

    Currently, all known Vision users openly display their Visions on their person, usually on the waist or back. Some users attach their Vision to personal belongings rather than an item of clothing.

    Until now, no one has tried to hide their Vision to surprise their opponents in battle, so using it openly may be a requirement to channel their power.

    Known Vision Users

    Besides the Traveler, The Seven (who have the Gnosis), and possibly Dainsleif, all playable and advertised characters use Visions or most likely can use them. Other well-known characters who have or have had visions include:

    • Baizhu
    • Jiangxue (Previously, he gave up his Vision)
    • Friend of Kaedehara Kazuha (Deceased)
    • Nobumori (Previously carried)


    All visions of the same region share the same basic shape. As such, the main difference in appearance between Visions other than Elemental Color is usually the personal touches added by the owner.

    The visions seem to vary in size; for example, Ganyu's Cryo Vision appears very small, while Yanfei's Pyro Vision appears very large.

    The decorative designs around Visions, as well as their shape, are not based on elements. Both are based on regions. Where the designs came from is unknown.


    A Basic View of Mondstadt from Element Anemo

    The typical Mondstadt Vision has an orb-shaped gem embedded within a pair of three-feathered wings, with a diamond-shaped tail at the bottom and five spikes at the top. At the back of the Vision, there may or may not be three wing-shaped decorations along the bottom of one side.

    Unique Vision Designs:

    • Albedo's Vision is smaller than usual.
    • Lisa's Vision is oval and smaller than normal, although it retains the same design.
    • Kaeya's Vision has two feathers on each wing instead of the usual three.
    • Venti's Vision is an ordinary glass orb that he uses to help conceal his identity.


    A basic view of Liyue's Geo element

    The typical Liyue Vision has a diamond shape embedded in an octagonal rim. At the corners of the diamond there are arrow accents. On the back of Vision, the corners of the diamond have smaller diamonds instead of arrows.

    Unique Vision Designs:

    • Xiao's Vision, which is in his left glove, is very small in his game model. It may also not be a typical Vision, as Xiao is an Adeptus and uses Vision specifically because he takes human form.
    • Xingchiu's Vision has small diamonds in place of the arrows in the corners.
    • Zhongli's Vision is likely made of glass to disguise his identity as a Morax. The Geo symbol in your "Vision" is also reflected lengthwise compared to regular Geo symbols.


    A Basic Vision of Inazuma's Electro Element

    The typical Vision of Inazuma has an orb-shaped gem embedded within a thin rim and further surrounded by a stylized full-circle loop with a stylized knot at the bottom and three solid circles along the top half of the circle. the middle circle being the largest of the three.

    The design appears to be inspired by the real-life Japanese thunder deity, Raijin. The three solid circles that span the top semicircle can symbolize the scaffolding of Taiko's thunder drum that surrounds Raijin, and the bow can be derived from the Celestial Cloth around his shoulders.


    Based on how little can be seen of Cyno's Vision, the Visions of Sumeru are orbs with large spikes protruding from the top and bottom, reminiscent of a third eye. There are also two thinner, bent bumps on the lower left and right sides.


    There is no clear description of a Fontaine Vision.


    There is no clear description of a Natl谩n Vision.


    A Basic Snezhnaya View of Element Cryo

    Snezhnaya's Vision Mold. (with the insignia of the Fatui)

    The typical Snezhnaya Vision takes the form of an orb surrounded by angled protrusions protruding from the top, bottom, left, and right sides, roughly reminiscent of a military insignia. Tricks found in the game look the same as Visions, with the exception of the elemental symbol on the orb replaced by the Fatui emblem.

    So far, all of Snezhnaya's Visions and Deceptions have a gray decorative design (possibly aluminum or iron), in contrast to the gold or polished bronze color found in all known Visions from other nations.

    Vision of Noelle ready for her Elemental Blast


    • It is not yet understood how Hilichurls, particularly Samachurls, are capable of manipulating the elements without a Vision.
    • Vision will glow brightly and a specific sound effect corresponding to the character's item will play when a player switches to that character with their Elemental Blast ready.
      • In addition to glowing when elemental blasts are ready, visions will also glow when they gather energy.
    • In the "Stars Not Returning" event, Visions are used as indicators by glowing blue when near meteorites. However, Venti and Zhongli's visions don't shine because they are fakes.

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