Tsuijue earring

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Judit Llordes
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“It is said that deep in the valleys of the Tusijue Slope, nine stone columns were placed to drive away evil and purify the world. »

~ The nine pillars of peace

Tsuijue earring (Chinese: 翠 玦 坡 Cuìjué Pō) is an area in Minlin, Liyue.


  • 1 Missions
    • 1.1 World mission
    • 1.2 Commissioning Mission
    • 1.3 Events
    • 1.4 Puzzle
  • 2 bosses
  • 3 Enemies


World mission

  • The Nine Pillars of Peace
  • Don't share your treasure

Commissioning Mission

  • How to kill a rock?
  • Emergency
  • Guests come from afar


  • Lost wealth
  • Flight challenge


  • Torch lighting (use Pyro to light the 3 torches in the triangle formation to receive a chest)


Regisvid Pyro


Megaflora Pyro Treasure Thief - Sentinel (icon) .png Treasure ThievesLawachurl Battleship.pngLawachurl Battleship
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