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“An infamous transnational organization identified by its emblem of a treasure under the wing of a raven.
The members of the Treasure Thieves are a group of thugs with very little on their minds beyond an obsession with treasures. »

~ Treasure Thieves

Each filtering bag Treasure Thieves They are a band of bandits looking for treasures to obtain and are found around Teyvat.


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“An informal organization of thieves whose tracks reach every corner of the continent, even the Unknown Domains.
Although their main objective is to gather treasures, they also sometimes get rid of people who witness their thefts.
Its founder, Reed Miller, is said to have defined the Treasure Thieves as "an organization to help each other" ... »

~ Adventurer's Manual

Each filtering bag Treasure Thieves They are a band of bandits that can be found in many places in Teyvat, mainly in Liyue. Recognized for their Ravenwing motive, all members have their own reason for joining the criminal organization, but are generally credited with illegal activities or lack of stable income. However, not all members get along, as some of them are looked down upon than others. To protect their identities from law enforcement, most members wear a mask. The few that do not are often of great importance or are used to lure unsuspecting victims into their traps.

According to Jilliana, Treasury Hoarders tend to burn the money they acquire very quickly, resulting in a vicious cycle of wealth and poverty that most members cannot escape.

As common enemies, Treasure Hoarders are typically found in Liyue and Inazuma, although there is a small bag of them in and around Dragonwing.

They are seen in groups of 3 to 5 members (sometimes depending on missions, domains, and events) and have a variety of abilities. They share a similar defeat animation: first they crouch down, then disappear in a cloud of smoke with a forceful snap. This is unique in that most other humanoid enemies fall to the ground upon defeat before dissipating into small particles.

At the Rite of the Lantern event, Nimrod comments that they are cautious. For them, the rule of the game is to be discreet. On the other hand, taking big risks and trying to make a big fortune is foolish for them.


  • Treasure Thief - Sentinel
  • Treasure Thief - Sentinel
  • Treasure Thief - Crossbowman
  • Treasure Thief - Crossbowman
  • Treasure Thief - Cabin Boy
  • Treasure Thief - Cabin Boy
  • Treasure Thief - Smasher
  • Treasure Thief - Smasher
  • Treasure Thief - Waiter
  • Treasure Thief - Waiter
  • Treasure Thief - Boxer
  • Treasure Thief - Boxer
  • Treasure Thief - Grave Raider
  • Treasure Thief - Grave Raider

    Potions master

    Alchemists who craft concoctions to deal elemental damage.

  • Treasure Thief - Potions Master Cryo
  • Treasure Thief - Potions Master Cryo
  • Treasure Thief - Electro Potions Master
  • Treasure Thief - Electro Potions Master
  • Treasure Thief - Hydro Potions Master
  • Treasure Thief - Hydro Potions Master
  • Treasure Thief - Pyro Potions Master
  • Treasure Thief - Pyro Potions Master


  • Bronze Raven Insignia
  • Bronze Raven Insignia Lvl 1
  • Silver Raven Insignia
  • Silver Raven Insignia Lvl 40+
  • Golden Raven Insignia
  • Golden Raven Insignia Lvl 60+

    Known members


    • Reed Miller


    • Raptor
    • Izzard
    • Greg
    • Scrooge
    • The Knots
    • Tyler[1]
    • Qi the Old School
    • Lin the Runaway
    • Bazi the Dumber


    • Yan'er ("Sister" / "Boss")
    • Freckled Huang (Leader)
    • Bao'er
    • Slippery Wu
    • Elusive Wu
    • Cunning Wu
    • Ulman
    • Bei'er
    • Crafty
    • Liuliu
    • Fei the Southyscraper


    • Ken
    • Tadao
    • Gou
    • Hideaki
    • Kazu


    • Master Thief (Dead)

    Former members

    • Li Dang[2]
    • Li Ding[2]
    • Ross Pies Ligeros
    • Jilliana [3]


    During multiple World Quests in Liyue, including The Precious Need to Care for It and Traces in Tianchiu, the player may find notes left by the Treasure Thieves that refer to a female Treasure Thief referred to as "boss". In many cases, this boss will leave traces that lead to a supposed treasure to trick the player into being ambushed by the Treasure Thieves. The identity of this character is unknown, but it is likely that they occupy a high position among the Hoarders of treasures, perhaps comparable to the position of The Precocious Huang. It is also known as "Sister" or "Sister of the South". [4]

    It is later revealed that the identity of the "Boss" is Yan'er.


    Voice lines



    • As stated above, they are the only human enemies that will escape by throwing smoke bombs instead of disappearing (like the Fatuis) if defeated normally. However, there are some exceptions
      • If they are thrown or drown, they strangely still disappear in a puff of smoke, although this is usually impossible for obvious reasons.
      • If they are defeated while frozen or petrified by Zhongli, they will break like most enemies.
    • Currently, only the basic variants of the Treasure Thief appear in the game (the third variant of Crossbowman can only be fought in Amber's story as a Raptor, and as a non-playable character named Li Ding).
    • As seen above the gallery, there is an icon for an unknown type of Treasure Thief (one of them is a female). As of version 1.2, they cannot be found in the game as enemies.

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