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    Treasure Thief - Boxer

    Who I am
    Aina Martin
    Author and references

    鈥淎 member of a loosely organized group that has reached every corner of the continent, including Unknown Domains.
    Muscle and fighting fans. They are very picky eaters and are always showing off the benefits of being muscular, which is why they are not held in high esteem by the other Treasure Thieves. 禄

    Each filtering bag Treasure Thieves - Boxers They use hits in combat and alternate between a 2 hit combo or a full combo consisting of 2 hits followed by a lunge hit. They will also use the same ranged lunge strike.


  • Bronze Raven Insignia
  • Bronze Raven Insignia Lvl 1
  • Silver Raven Insignia
  • Silver Raven Insignia Lvl 40+
  • Golden Raven Insignia
  • Golden Raven Insignia Lvl 60+

    Change history

    1.0 version Treasure Thief - Boxer was added to the game.
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