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    Thorny fighter

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    Pau Monfort
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    'A fast and ferocious fish with spiny fins and a sharp protrusion that splits the current in two when swimming at high speed, which is why it is known as' cutter fish' and 'arrow fish'. Among the thorny, this is the proudest subspecies. They are especially fussy during courtship, where the slightest breeze or movement in the water causes them to go into a rage. Once a fan watched a thorny fighter charge at seaweed swaying in the current, as if his movement was offending the king of thorns or something. "If you come across a spiny fighter when diving, don't look him directly in the eye," says the "Angling Manual" in the spiny fighter chapter. 禄

    El Thorny fighter It is a type of Spiny Fish that can be found in various areas of Teyvat and can be kept as a pet in the Relaxer.


    • It is obtained by fishing it with a Blood bait.


    See also: Fishing spots.
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