They call him "Bird of Prey"

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During the exam, Otto, a Knight of Favonius, mistook you for the Bird of Prey thief and you were arrested. After clearing up the misunderstanding, you volunteer to help arrest Bird of Prey, and so the chase begins. 禄

They call him "Bird of Prey" is the fourth part of the legendary mission of Amber's story from the Lepus minor chapter: Act I - Wind, Courage and Wings.


  1. Follow the Bird Boy.
  2. Talk to Amber
  3. Gather clues and follow Bird of Prey
  4. Gather clues and follow Bird of Prey
  5. Gather clues and follow Bird of Prey
  6. Investigate the sound ahead
  7. Talk to Farrah
  8. Search for the Bird Boy
  9. Defeat the enemies of the ambush
  10. Look for tracks that Bird of Prey has left
  11. Whereabouts of Bird of Prey


  • Adventure EXP
  • Adventure EXP x275
  • blackberry
  • Mora x6 175
  • Adventurer experience
  • Adventurer's Experience x3
  • Fine refining mineral
  • Fine Refinement Ore x7


    (Talks to Amber) Amber: This is Aguaclara. There must be some Raptor tracks around here. Amber: The Cathedral Sister put an Aneko trace on the artifact she took. Paimon: Use your Elemental Vision and keep your eyes peeled for clues. (Gather clues and follow Bird of Prey) Amber: Hm ... A piece of cloth with Anemo markings ... Amber: Judging from the design and the way it is woven, it is very possible that it came from a glider. Paimon: Wow, do knights scouts have to be weaving experts too? It's a harder job than I thought. Amber: If this really belongs to Raptor, it means that his glider is broken. (Gather clues and follow Bird of Prey) Paimon: Hm ... How do we know if the trail is Bird of Prey or a Slime Anemo? Amber: Slime Anemo are floating creatures. There's no way they'll leave a mark on the ground ... Unless you step on one to get a liftoff boost. Paimon: Do people really do that? Amber: Well, we must take note of these marks. They are very clear. (Gather clues and follow Bird of Prey) Amber: The elemental marks point in this direction. Paimon: Do you think he ran away? Amber: There is only one way to find out! Amber: Traveler, let's follow the marks. Paimon: Oh, it seems that something happens later ... Amber: There seems to be a battle in progress, could it be Bird of Prey? Amber: Quick, come on, come on! (Talk to Farrah) Farrah: Thanks to Los Siete! The Knights of Favonius have arrived! The Hilichurld will no longer dare to pursue me ... Amber: What happened? Farrah: I can't believe it, but ... the Hilichurls attacked our wagon train. Luckily, we were able to escape. Amber: Hilichurls? But I thought we Knights of Favonius had wiped out most of the Hilichurl camps around these parts ... Farrah: It is a small camp not far from the town. I take an alternate delivery route to make sure I stay away from them. Farrah: But today ... I swear to The Seven, an idiot suddenly fell from the sky and landed right in the camp! Paimon: Hm ... sounds familiar ... Farrah: It really infuriated them. They chased the strange-looking guy as he fled, leading him out into the open. Farrah: I managed to escape, but they destroyed my fruit carriages. I don't know what I'm going to do when the caravan arrives tomorrow. Amber: Strange looking? How? Farrah: He was holding something. It must have been heavy, because he couldn't fly in a straight line even to save his life ... That's why he must have fallen. Farrah: Honestly, people like that shouldn't be allowed to get up in the air. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know not to carry heavy objects while flying! I'll let that jerk know and make sure his license gets revoked! Amber: A heavy object ... Could it be the artifact? It could be our subject. Amber: Did you see which way it went? Farrah: I managed to catch a glimpse when I fled from the Hilichurls. I think he went ... that way. Amber: It seems to be a good clue. Traveler, let's get it! Amber: Ah! And don't worry, as soon as I get back, I'll tell the Knights to take over the rest of the Hilichurls as soon as possible. (Defeat the enemies in the ambush) Paimon: Besides the Hilichurls, there are also a lot of weird-looking people! Amber: Judging from the type of glider they have, I would say they are on the Raptor side. Paimon: But why are they hanging around here? Amber: I wonder the same ... There is nothing this miserable group can do to stop us, that's for sure. Amber: But we haven't found the artifact either, which means Bird of Prey still has it. Amber: ... Forget about these guys. Come on Traveler, let's follow the elemental marks. (Whereabouts of tracks that Bird of Prey has left) Paimon: Hey, look where we are ... There are no more elemental marks ahead. Amber: The elemental power over the artifact must have been exhausted. Amber: Raptor must have realized that the markings would reveal his position and sent his minions to stop us. Amber: Probably to wait until the effect wears off and escape. Amber: You won't get away with it! Let's go for it!
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