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    The Wonderful Hopkins

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    Judit Llordes
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    The Wonderful Hopkins is a non-playable character in Clearwater Village, Mondstadt who sells holy water during the day. He can be found walking around the entrance to Aldea Aguaclara during the day, around the Aldea Aguaclara sign. At night, it can be seen near the spring of Aldea Aguaclara.

    Its repertoire is updated every day. It also gives an artifact if you choose the option of 300 blackberries for Holy Water is too expensive, but this option can only be chosen once and is never updated.

    Following a certain line of dialogue for the first time gives you the Goblet of Lucky 脳 1.


    • 1 Location
    • 2 Products
    • 3 Inactive appointments
      • 3.1 During the day
      • 3.2 During the night


    Location (Day)Location (Night)


    Image Purpose Price Quantity
    Holy Water 240 1

    Inactive appointments

    During the day

    • Do you want true power?
    • Hey, over here! ...


    • One bottle for 300 ...
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