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    The Fearless Pallad

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    The Fearless Pallad He is a member of the Adventurer Guild of Mondstadt. He is a non-playable character who is not present in the open world, he only appears during a series of missions.


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      • 1.2 Appearance
    • 2 Missions and events
      • 2.1 Legendary Missions
      • 2.2 Commissions
      • 2.3 Events
      • 2.4 Sudden events
    • 3 Changes


    In Venti's legendary mission, Pallad is seen drinking with Kaeya, Diluc, and The Diligent Silio. While Kaeya and Diluc argue, The Fearless Pallad note that Diluc kept the vase that Kaeya gave him.

    In the Stars Not Returning event, The Fearless Pallad he accepts a commission from the Adventurer's Guild to investigate the meteorites on his own. A large number of monsters finally appear, causing The Fearless Pallad huya.

    In act IV of the Prince of Limestone and the Dragon event, The Fearless Pallad he was rescued by Sucarosa after he entered Espinadrag贸n without proper preparation. The Fearless Pallad He also summoned the resurgent Regisvid Cryo by accidentally knocking down the Poison Wish sword, transferring its power to the Regisvid Cryo and bringing it back to life.


    As his nickname suggests, Pallad is a reckless and reckless adventurer, who often thinks of potential treasures or adventures without regard for risks.


    The Fearless Pallad He is a fairly tall man with medium length hazel hair. Her hair is kept in a low, thin ponytail with messy bangs swept to the left side of her face, almost covering her eye. His eyes are almond-shaped and blue, with a pair of bold, thick eyebrows. The Fearless Pallad he wears the standard male Adventurer's Guild uniform.

    Missions and events

    Legendary Missions

    • Carmen Dei (Historia de Venti)
      • Act I: Trapped in a Windless Land
        • Childhood secret


    • Food delivery


    • Stars that do not return
    • The Prince of Limestone and the Dragon

    Sudden events

    • Pallad's dilemma


    • His story was released in Version 1.0
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