Stormy pie

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Valery Aloyants
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Eula's specialty. It is unclear whether the fang-shaped crescent expresses its rejection of tradition or whether it manifests its "tooth for a tooth" principle. When splitting the golden puff pastry, a delicious smoky smell escapes from the inside. Nobody else in Mondstadt does so well with this pie, but you'd better not tell them, they won't want revenge ... »

La Stormy pie It is a dish that can be obtained in place of Mooncake when Eula tries to prepare it. The recipe for Moon Cake can be obtained by reaching reputation level 7 in Mondstadt as a reward.


Like most foods, this dish has no effect on other players in Co-op Mode.

  • Increase Shield Protection of all team members by one 40% and the DEF in 282 pts. for 300 s.


  • Raw meat
  • 1 × Raw meat
  • Bird egg
  • 4 × Bird Egg
  • Butter
  • 3 × Butter
  • Flour (XNUMXg)
  • 2 × Flour
  • Stormy pie
  • 1 × Stormy pie
    • 1 Raw meat
    • 4 Bird egg
    • 3 Butter
    • 2 Flour (XNUMXg)

    1 Stormy Pie

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