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    Spear of the Dark Crag

    Who I am
    Martí Micolau
    Author and references

    «A weapon made of Black Stone and Siderite. There is a dark crimson glow along its cold edge. "

    Spear of the Dark Crag It is a Genshin Impact spear.


    • 1 Statistics
    • 2 History
    • 3 Passive effect
    • 4 Ascents


    Level Basic attack CRIT damage
    20 / 20 109 21.2%
    / 40 135
    40 / 40 205 30.9%
    / 50 231
    50 / 50 266 35.7%
    / 60 292
    60 / 60 327 40.6%
    / 70 353
    70 / 70 388 45.4%
    / 80 414
    80 / 80 449 50.3%
    / 90 475
    90 / 90 510 55.1%


    A spear made from an unusual type of black stone. It has the speed of lightning and is capable of cutting the same wind. Both the body and the tip are made of a black crystal and are inlaid with red jade. In the moonlight, a faint crimson glow can be seen flowing through the length of the weapon.

    Han Wu, the famous Liyue craftsman, named his first-born Tzu. He hoped the boy would be resourceful and clever when he grew up, and that he might inherit the foundry and forge business from his father. However, Han Tzu had other interests. When not studying, he spent his free time reading martial arts novels or training his mastery of weapons in the mountains. He only had one thing in mind: to become a martial artist. When he went in search of siderite, he did not look at rare materials, but was only interested in adventure. He visited temples and mountains, and saw the Adeptus who lived in them. He was not looking for knowledge, but to create stories for his own travels. Han Tse made minimal effort in the forge tasks, no matter how many times he was reprimanded. Until one day, the prodigal son decided to leave without saying goodbye.

    In his later years, Han Wu's character changed dramatically after the accident at the mine. When Han Tzu found out, he returned to his home village to care for his father. Han Wu, who used to entertain everyone with his stories, became a reserved person. He no longer even blamed his son, who had given up on family work. However, from then on, the relationship between father and son became stronger than ever. Han Tzu was ashamed, but did not know how to repair the damage he had caused. Years later, the renowned craftsman Han Wu departed from this world. Following his father's last instructions, Han Tzu found a copy of the "Encyclopedia of Prototypes" on his shelves. The sketches were kept in a wooden box, along with a message that read: “Dear Han Tse, this world is huge and wonderful. Enjoy it as much as you can wherever your adventures take you ”.

    The encyclopedia was full of annotations from his father. Han Tse was excited to read them and spent the entire night studying the book in silence. At daybreak, he opened the doors of the house wide. At that very moment, something amazing happened: a meteorite fell at the foot of the entrance of his house. Han Tzu didn't know how to feel. Laughing and crying, she screamed over and over again: "It's a divine sign!" Then, he created a spear with an edge cold as ice and tenacious as a rock. For this, he used that meteorite as a raw material, and added the black stone of his late father. Han Tzu no longer wanted to continue touring the world. From then on, the ovens in his house were always on, and the flame still does not go out even to this day.

    Passive effect

    LevelEffectRefinement cost
    1Defeating an enemy increases ATK by 12% for 30s, being able to accumulate up to 3 times. The duration of each accumulation is independent.500
    2Defeating an enemy increases ATK by 15% for 30s, being able to accumulate up to 3 times. The duration of each accumulation is independent.1,000
    3Defeating an enemy increases ATK by 18% for 30s, being able to accumulate up to 3 times. The duration of each accumulation is independent.2,000
    4Defeating an enemy increases ATK by 21% for 30s, being able to accumulate up to 3 times. The duration of each accumulation is independent.4,000
    5Defeating an enemy increases ATK by 24% for 30s, being able to accumulate up to 3 times. The duration of each accumulation is independent.


    Ascension Maximum level Cost Weapon Ascension Material Common material 1 Common material 2
    1 20 5,000
    3x Lead Shots

    3x Polen de neblina

    2x Recruit's Badge
    2 40 15,000
    3x Quicksilver pellets

    12x Polen de neblina

    8x Recruit's Badge
    3 50 20,000
    6x Quicksilver pellets

    6x Misty Grass

    6x Sergeant's Badge
    4 60 30,000
    3x Gold pellets

    12x Misty Grass

    9x Sergeant's Badge
    5 70 35,000
    6x Gold pellets

    9x Misty Grass Stamen

    6x Officer Badge
    6 80 45,000
    4x Primordial Shots

    18x Misty Grass Stamen

    12x Officer Badge
    Max 90 Maximum level
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