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Snow Boar King - The true king of Dragonspin? is an elite enemy in Dragonspin, located east of the Buried City - Ancient Palace, south of the word "Ancient" on the map, and is part of the world mission "Ah, fresh meat!". Appears when all Snow Boars in the area have been downed. There are heating zones to cure frostbite in the extreme north and south of the area if necessary.

Possible Rewards

Material Quantity
Frozen meat 6 8

During the mission Ah, fresh meat !, the rewards will be:

Material Quantity
Snow Boar King Meat 6 8
Frozen meat 6 8


  • Snow Boar King's attacks are relatively easy to dodge, however they do a lot of damage. Avoid getting hit by Snow Boar King at all costs.
    • Shield Characters like Zhongli, Noelle or Diona can help if dodging is difficult.
  • During his Enraged Mode, which is when his eyes glow red and have eye traces, getting hit by his icicle attacks will be fatal. They will Cryo your character, making movement difficult, as well as interrupting your character and causing you to stagger. You may not have enough time to escape the radius of the next icicle.
  • During his Berserker mode, stay away from the Snow Boar King and try to hit him with ranged attacks. This will also be a good opportunity to alleviate the sheer accumulated cold. Head north from the battlefield, and within walking distance there will be a ruined brazier.
    • Don't stray too far from the Snow Boar King when approaching the Basero de Ruina. The battle can be restarted. However, if you are in cooperative mode with another player, the Snow Boar King will not disappear; as long as at least one of the cooperative players remains close to him.


  • The biter bit: Let yourself be defeated by the Snow Boar King
  • Calm down!: Defeat the Snow Boar King while the latter is in enraged mode.
  • Matarreyes: Defeat the true king of Dragonwing
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