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    Slime Gigante Geo

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    Mart铆 Micolau
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    芦A Slime that uses a tough Geo coating to protect itself. If you use heavy Geo Attacks, a greatsword, or strong explosions, you may be able to break its coating ... 禄

    Each filtering bag Slimes Giants Geo They are elemental Beings made of concentrated Geo energy. It is a large version of the Slime Geo. He has a Geo armor that is weak to Geo attacks. Despite this, Giant Geo Slimes are still immune to Geo damage.


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    File description

    芦A monster formed from the Geo element present on earth.
    You can focus your inner energy and create a stone shell that protects you from harm. For a time, Treasure Thieves believed that Geo Slimes were synonymous with wealth: as gems and gemstones contain the Geo element, Geo Slimes were also to be considered gemstones. 禄


  • Slime Condensate
  • Slime Condensate Lvl 1
  • Babas de Slime
  • Babas the Slime Nvl 40+
  • Slime Essence
  • Essence of Slime Lvl 60+

    Behavior and attacks

    As long as they are protected by Geo armor, they will be affected by Geo:

    • Throws a stone at the player who has moderate range, dealing Geo Damage.
    • That's the jump attack: it leaps high into the air and then crushes its target, dealing Geo Damage.

    When their armor is destroyed, they will retreat and only attack by leaping into the air and crushing the target dealing normal damage. Armor will regenerate over time.


    While Geo Damage is very effective in destroying the armor of Giant Geo Slimes, after the armor is destroyed, switch to a different character as Geo Slimes are immune to Geo Damage.

    Their armor can also be destroyed with Mandobles attacks, falling attacks, or the Elemental Reaction Overload.

    When fighting multiple Giant Geo Slimes, kill them one at a time, so they don't have time to regenerate their shield.

    Change history

    1.0 version Slime Gigante Geo was added to the game.
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