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    Slime Gigante Cryo

    «A Slime that uses a Cryo Coating to protect itself. If you use Pyro or other Elemental Attacks that react with Pyro, maybe you can break their defenses ... »

    Each filtering bag Slimes Gigantes Cryo They are elemental Beings made of concentrated Cryo energy. It is a large version of the Slime Cryo. It has Cryo armor that is most effectively destroyed by Pyro attacks, although other Elemental Reactions work just as well. Alternatively, the player could use sword characters or Mandobles to destroy the shield, but this is not recommended.


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    «A monster formed from deposits of the Cryo element present in nature.
    This creature takes advantage of the Cryo element concentrated inside it to condense the humidity of the air and cover itself with a protective shell. Using the same principle, you can also freeze the water around you. In a sense, it is the freest Slime, as it can even traverse the sea without difficulty. »

    ~ File Description


  • Slime Condensate
  • Slime Condensate Lvl 1
  • Babas de Slime
  • Babas the Slime Nvl 40+
  • Slime Essence
  • Essence of Slime Lvl 60+

    Behavior and attacks

    Cryo Slimes have ice armor that protects them. As long as they are protected, you can:

    • Attacks the player with a ranged ice shard attack, launching 3 ice shards at them, dealing Cryo Damage.
    • Jump high in the air and crush the player upon landing.

    After the armor is destroyed, it will attempt to retreat and use the ice mist attack against the player, dealing Cryo Damage over time. After creating the mist cloud, it will retreat to the middle of the cloud, waiting for the armor to regenerate.


    Pyro attacks are highly recommended as not only do they melt the armor quickly, but they also deal great damage to the Slime after the armor is destroyed. Try to avoid the ice fog as it does quite a bit of damage.

    Keep in mind that the armor will regenerate after a while, so if you fight multiple of these, take them out one at a time to prevent them from regenerating their armor. Alternatively, you can use Xiangling's Guoba Attack to affect a large area of ​​these Slimes; since Guoba is ideal for crowd control.

    Change history

    1.0 version Slime Gigante Cryo was added to the game.
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