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Siegfria is a non-playable character that can be found wandering on a cliff southeast of Aguaclara Village.


  • 1 Location
  • 2 Missions and events
    • 2.1 Legendary Missions
  • 3 Inactive appointments
  • 4 Dialogues



Missions and events

Legendary Missions

  • The Ladle (Xiangling Story)
    • Act I: Mondstadt Gastronomic Tour
      • Culinary duel
  • Lupus minor (Razor Story)
    • Act I: The Meaning of Lupical
      • Another day as a Knight Scout!

Inactive appointments

  • I'm hungry again ...


Siegfria: Do you need to make a delivery? I go to the city. Who you are? Siegfria: My name is Siegfria. From time to time I take jobs making round-trip deliveries between Mondstadt and Aguaclara. Siegfria: If there is no work, I pick wild vegetables and exchange them for some meat with the hunters. Siegfria: I imagine that not even hunters can eat meat every day of their lives, so they are happy. From what I see, you have a great interest in cooking. Siegfria: Great interest? Hmm ... I wouldn't put it like that ... I just need to eat to live! Siegfria: I spend on food until the last Blackberry I earn. Even adding a little wild greens and the support of a good hunter, I still feel like I haven't had enough. Siegfria: And as soon as I start working, I'm hungrier ... Goodbye. Siegfria: Beware.
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