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    Shops and stores

    Shops and stores This article contains descriptions translated from the English version instead of using the official texts of the game in Spanish. You can correct them yourself or share screenshots of the errors with us via Discord. ⚠️ This article is a stub. You can help Genshin Impact by expanding it.

    The stores can be accessed by talking to some NPCs, most stores reset their products every day / N amount of time, and even so, there are some products from these stores that cannot be purchased more than 1 time.

    There are also some stores that it is not necessary to access through the NPCs, these are the Event stores, or the Store found in the Menu, these are the Special.


    Special Stores

    They can be accessed through the Menu (Events / Store).

    1. Gift Shop (Genesis Crystals)
    2. Paimon Bargains (Protogems / Ownerless Stardust / Ownerless Starburst)

    Souvenir Shops

    They are stores in which normally, the products that No. are reset.

    1. Marjorie - Wind and Glory (Anemo Store)
    2. Xingxi-Joyas Mingxing (Tienda Geo)


    In these stores, Culinary Ingredients are sold.

    1. Blanche
    2. Dongsheng


    In these stores, culinary ingredients are sold, and some dishes.

    1. Sara
    2. Chief Mao
    3. Shimura kanbei


    In these stores, only Weapons are sold.

    1. Wagner
    2. Master Zhang
    3. Schulz


    Local specialties

    1. Flora
    2. Chloris
    3. Miss Bai
    4. Worse Goldet
    5. Herbalist Gui
    6. Shitou
    7. Bolai
    8. Changshun

    Culinary ingredients

    1. Draff
    2. Lao Sun
    3. Lao Gao


    1. Charles
    2. Brook
    3. Mrs. Su
    4. Sharp Chen
    5. Litsai
    6. Yueshu
    7. Grandpa Kai
    8. Uncle Zhou
    9. Mr. Zhu
    10. Harris


    1. Shiliu
    2. Linlang
    3. Zhang shun


    1. Ekaterina
    2. The Wonderful Hopkins
    3. Jifang
    4. Goth
    5. Master Lu
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