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    Each filtering bag Seelie (both singular and plural) are mysterious beings throughout Teyvat. Each Seelie (except the Electro) belongs to their respective Seelie Pedestal, a statue in which the Seelie seem to finally rest. The Seelie Electro, on the other hand, will "spawn" their own Pedestal once they reach their destination.

    Seelie and Seelie Pedestals can be outdoors or hidden behind fragile objects, such as large rock formations with cracks. Treasure chests will appear once Seelie has done so. If you find an empty Seelie Pedestal, the player can activate their Elemental Vision, and a blue trail will lead in the direction the Seelie is currently facing. Similarly, if you see a Seelie but cannot find its Pedestal, using your Elemental Vision near it will show a trail in the direction of its Pedestal.


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    All the Seelies want to go back to their Pedestal. If you find the remains of something that appeared to be a small statue in the past, you can use your Elemental Vision to find the trail of a Seelie ... 禄

    ~ Seelie

    Now you see them, now you don't see them. Seelies guide people willing to follow them to small treasures.
    It is said that, in the past, they were a powerful race that lived to guide humanity. "

    ~ Seelie


    "The cry of insects on an autumn night long ago is the chorus of exiles, who, in their exile, sing the oldest song of mankind"
    "Stripped of the people and objects they loved, as well as the protection of the goddesses, all they had left were songs and memories."
    "The last singers and the first Seelies played their final melody in the hall of angels."
    - Part of Song of the Seelies

    According to legend, the Seelie are the remnants of a bygone race that once had beautiful forms and immense wisdom, and used it to guide humanity. They also had palaces outside of the realm over which the gods currently have authority, which may be referring to Celestia.

    However, now all they will offer will be little treasures to those who are willing to follow them.

    Warm seelie

    鈥淚n Dragon Spin live the Warm Seelies, creatures that have undergone a mutation and that continuously emit heat that reduces the accumulation of Extreme Cold. 禄

    In Dragonwing, a unique type of Seelie has evolved to survive heavy blizzards. These Seelies are different from the average Seelie, they have a red appearance that resembles flames and produces enough heat to keep nearby travelers warm and isolated from extreme cold.

    Additionally, once installed on their Seelie Pedestals, warm Seelies will continue to produce heat.

    The Exothermic Vial that players can craft was made to mimic the heat produced by the warm Seelie, to better help adventurers survive in cold climates.

    Seelie Electro

    In Inazuma, the Seelie Electro is a variant that moves at high speed when the player approaches it. Upon approaching, it will unleash an Electro shockwave that applies a non-volatile Electro element to nearby players and enemies without dealing Damage. The applied electrical state is incapable of causing elementary reactions.

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