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    Sauteed beef strips

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    Pau Monfort
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    Beidou's specialty. They say that Beidou learned some cooking tricks from Xiangling and refined and added more flavor to this dish. If you can get it clean all at once, maybe you can impress her. »

    HR Sauteed beef strips They are a dish that can be obtained in place of Fried Meat when Beidou tries to prepare it. The recipe for Fried Meat can be obtained by opening chests on the top of Tianheng Mountain.


    Like most foods, this dish has no effect on other players in Co-op Mode.

    • Restore a 10% of Life Max. and 150 pts. Additional Health to the selected character.


  • Raw meat
  • 1 × Raw meat
  • Jueyun Chile
  • 1 × Jueyun's Chili
  • Sauteed beef strips
  • 1 × Sauteed beef strips
    • 1 Raw meat
    • 1 Jueyun Chile

    1 Strips of meat sauteed

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