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    Sanctuary of the Depths

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    Pau Monfort
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    鈥淰aluable offerings are kept within these ancient shrines erected on the surface of Teyvat.
    You can find the keys to the Shrines of the Deep in some Domains. 禄

    ~ Description of the loading screen

    Each filtering bag Shrines of the Deep They are ancient structures found throughout the Teyvat world. These Shrines of the Deep were sealed when the civilization that built them was lost. Players can use the Sanctuaries of the Deep Keys to unlock these sanctuaries and open the Luxurious Chest within. There are 10 Shrines of the Deep in each region of Teyvat, so 10 keys are required for each region.

    Unlock and keys

    Players can obtain the keys necessary to open shrines by completing certain quests (specifically Archon Missions and World Missions, completing unique Domains, and as a reward for ascending to a specific Adventure Rank. Each region of Teyvat has its own type of key, and Players must use their corresponding key to unlock the shrines.

    Each shrine can only be unlocked once and the inner chest does not respawn.

    Sanctuary Key Region
    Mondstadt Shrine Key Mondstadt
    Liyue Shrine Key Liyue
    Inazuma Shrine Key Inazuma

    Opening the chest will reward the player with Protogemas 脳40, Adventure EXP 脳 60, Badges 脳 10 corresponding to that region and a random variety of Weapons and Artifacts.

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