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'A completely rusty iron bow. Ordinary people don't even have the strength to lift it, let alone shoot their arrows. »

Rust is a bow from Genshin Impact.


  • 1 Statistics
  • 2 History
  • 3 Passive effect
  • 4 Ascents


Level Basic attack Attack
20 / 20 109 15.9%
/ 40 135
40 / 40 205 23.2%
/ 50 231
50 / 50 266 26.8%
/ 60 292
60 / 60 327 30.4%
/ 70 353
70 / 70 388 34.1%
/ 80 414
80 / 80 449 37.7%
/ 90 475
90 / 90 510 41.3%


An ancient bow as hard as cast iron.
It belonged to a famous archer who saw as many monsters and bandits as a reed blown by the wind.
The archer was always in search of the mastery of archery.
His string sang like unrelenting thunder,
and his arrows shone like an iron rain covering the sun.

In the last days of his life, the archer had a revelation:
"The deeper meanings are not explained in words, just as the best archers do not need to use arrows."

From then on, he never spoke of arrows colliding with each other in the sky again,
nor of evil monsters struck down by iron arrows shot from iron bows.

The archer buried his weapon in the ground and went to live as a hermit in the mountains.

Regarding how he died, there is a legend:
At night, when from his house the sound of a rope being pulled was heard, a brilliant ray of purple light would shoot out that no monster dared to approach.
On the night of his death there was a storm. Amid the howling of the wind and rain, there was nothing but thunder. The lightning that accompanied it shot skyward, burning like an exploding star in the universe.

Passive effect

LevelEffectRefinement cost
1Normal Attack Damage increases by 40%, and Charged Attack Damage decreased by 10%.500
2Normal Attack Damage increases by 50%, and Charged Attack Damage decreased by 10%.1,000
3Normal Attack Damage increases by 60%, and Charged Attack Damage decreased by 10%.2,000
4Normal Attack Damage increases by 70%, and Charged Attack Damage decreased by 10%.4,000
5Normal Attack Damage increases by 80%, and Charged Attack Damage decreased by 10%.


Ascension Maximum level Cost Weapon Ascension Material Common material 1 Common material 2
1 20 5,000
3x Guyun's Brilliant Sand

3x Hunting Dagger

2x Damaged mask
2 40 15,000
3x Gleaming Guyun Stone

12x Hunting Dagger

8x Damaged mask
3 50 20,000
6x Gleaming Guyun Stone

6x Agent's Dagger

6x Dirty Mask
4 60 30,000
3x Reliquia de Guyun

12x Agent's Dagger

9x Dirty Mask
5 70 35,000
6x Reliquia de Guyun

9x Inspector's Long Dagger

6x Menacing Mask
6 80 45,000
4x Divine Body of Guyun

18x Inspector's Long Dagger

12x Menacing Mask
Max 90 Maximum level
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