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    Roar of the lion

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    Judit Llordes
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    «A sharp sword with a luxurious decoration that does not compromise neither its resistance nor its edge. The sound of it cutting through the air is like the roar of a lion. »

    Roar of the lion It is a Genshin Impact sword.


    • 1 Statistics
    • 2 History
    • 3 Passive effect
    • 4 Ascents


    Level Basic attack Attack
    20 / 20 109 15.9%
    / 40 135
    40 / 40 205 23.2%
    / 50 231
    50 / 50 266 26.8%
    / 60 292
    60 / 60 327 30.4%
    / 70 353
    70 / 70 388 34.1%
    / 80 414
    80 / 80 449 37.7%
    / 90 475
    90 / 90 510 41.3%


    A legendary sword, according to Liyue's rumors.
    Its scabbard is said to have been made from agarwood, and was decorated with mica and war engravings.
    However, the valuable pod was lost.
    For the sword, its sheath was like the chains that prevented it from fulfilling its purpose.
    It is said that its edge is such that its victims realize its death after an hour.

    Kunwu is said to have forged this valuable sharp sword in just one day, although he worked all day and night to get it.
    When Kunwu's Elder Master saw his apprentice's work, he sighed sadly and struck the ground with his staff.
    "Oh, what a pity this thing lacks compassion."
    The master let out a long, deep breath and limped away.

    Kunwu pondered his master's words for three days, and did not touch a single blade in that time.
    Then he spent a whole year painstakingly carving an agarwood pod.

    Kunwu thought that an elegant and opulent sheath would be enough to tame the savage and violent sword.
    Later, the prized weapon was lost among the common people. The sharp blade survived, but the sheath became a myth.
    The sharp blade only sought to bathe in the blood of its victims, a desire that no sheath could stop.

    Passive effect

    LevelEffectRefinement cost
    1Increases by 20% damage against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro.500
    2Increases by 24% damage against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro.1,000
    3Increases by 28% damage against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro.2,000
    4Increases by 32% damage against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro.4,000
    5Increases by 36% damage against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro.


    Ascension Maximum level Cost Weapon Ascension Material Common material 1 Common material 2
    1 20 5,000
    3x Guyun's Brilliant Sand

    3x Hunting Dagger

    2x Bronze Raven Insignia
    2 40 15,000
    3x Gleaming Guyun Stone

    12x Hunting Dagger

    8x Bronze Raven Insignia
    3 50 20,000
    6x Gleaming Guyun Stone

    6x Agent's Dagger

    6x Silver Raven Insignia
    4 60 30,000
    3x Reliquia de Guyun

    12x Agent's Dagger

    9x Silver Raven Insignia
    5 70 35,000
    6x Reliquia de Guyun

    9x Inspector's Long Dagger

    6x Golden Raven Insignia
    6 80 45,000
    4x Divine Body of Guyun

    18x Inspector's Long Dagger

    12x Golden Raven Insignia
    Max 90 Maximum level
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