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    «A noble elemental creature that inhabits bodies of clean water.
    During combat, he uses his life force to create illusionary Hydro anime that attack his enemies. Although they are all Hydro, the elements that react with Hydro have different effects on each type of illusory animal. If you eliminate them quickly, you can more easily defeat the Oceanid. »

    Rhodeia, also known as the Voice of the Water, is the Chingtsé Oceánida. He is a chief in the Liyue region. It can be found in the middle of the farthest lake east of Chingtsé Village, Liyue.

    It cannot be attacked directly. Instead, there are several rounds in which the player fights the summoned illusory animals. Defeating them will cause Rhodeia to automatically lose her health.

    When defeated, the player must consume 40 Original Resin to claim their rewards, which consist of Artifacts and Character Ascension Materials that use the Hydro element.

    Rhodeia is an Oceanid, which came from the Hydro nation, Fontaine, after the passing of the previous Hydro Archon. The Oceanids in general do not agree with the plans and ideals of the current Archon Hydro, the God of Justice, and thus refuse to acknowledge or support her.


    • 1 Description
    • 2 Rewards
    • 3 Skills and attack
      • 3.1 Trio of illusions
      • 3.2 Duo of illusions
      • 3.3 Lonely illusions
      • 3.4 Rhodeia Skills
    • 4 Strategy
    • 5 Event variants
      • 5.1 La ira de Rhodeia
      • 5.2 Oceanid resentful
    • 6 Known Bugs
    • 7
    • 8 Curiosities
    • 9 Change history


    “A life form created from condensed Hydro element of incredible purity.
    Often attached to bodies of water. It is said that as bodies of water become purer, the Hydro elements within them become more abundant, causing the oceans to become more powerful.
    Some also say that the oceans were sea creatures from a distant home that carried the fragments of a long-dead god to the many corners of this world. Perhaps they did this so that the love that their god had for this world could spread through the waters to the whole earth ... »


    Material Quantity
    Adventure EXP 200
    blackberry 3 450 - 6 000
    Friendship EXP 30 - 45
    Purifying heart 1
    Bit of Varunate Lazurite 1
    Varunate Lazurite Fragment 1
    Chunk of Varunate Lazurite 1
    Lazurita varunada 1

    Artifacts Rarity
    Lucky ⭐⭐ ó ⭐⭐⭐
    Exiled ⭐⭐⭐ ó ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Berserker ⭐⭐⭐ ó ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Ritual of Destiny ⭐⭐⭐ ó ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Gladiator's End ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ó ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Wanderer's Orchestra ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ó ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Skills and attack

    The Oceanid summons several different illusionary Hydro animals that must be fought and defeated to damage the boss. There are 8 different types of mimics in total that can be spawned by the Oceanid. Each type has a decreased resistance to a certain element, other than Hydro, to which they are completely immune. Like all other Hydro wildlife, they can float on water.

    Trio of illusions

    These illusory animals appear three at a time when they are summoned by Rhodeia. They take 55% more damage against Electro attacks.

    • Hydromimetic Crane - Blue Heron-like creatures that attack the player from afar, flapping their wings to create powerful waves of water. If they get close, they can fall back, just like the Fatui Boxers.
    • Hydromimetic Raptor - Flying creatures that pounce on the player to attack with their claws.

    Duo of illusions

    These illusory animals appear two by two. There are two groups of these copycats (two types in each group), one takes 55% more damage from Cryo and the other against Pyro attacks. Those susceptible to Pyro are able to heal themselves. For this section, mimics are listed with Cryo and Pyro susceptibility in that order.

    Weak to Cryo

    • Hydromimetic Duck - Ducks with a hydroelectric aura around them that deal rapid damage to players within them.
    • Hydromimetic Crab: Crabs that tend to walk perpendicularly around the player, spewing bubbles from their claws that deal light but quick hydraulic damage. Every now and then they stop every now and then to rest before moving on.

    Weak to Pyro

    • Hydromimetic Boar: These boars tend to charge the player up close.
    • Hydromimetic Squirrel - These ferrets perform quick strikes against the player.

    Lonely illusions

    These illusory animals appear one at a time when summoned by Rhodeia. They take 55% more damage from Geo attacks and, when killed, transform into a bomb that covers a wide area and deals massive hydraulic damage when detonated.

    • Hydromimetic Frog - Frogs that use finch and heron attacks against the player.
    • Hydromimetic Finch - Finches attack primarily by jumping and darting towards the player.

    Rhodeia Skills

    • Platform subsidence: Every time the player passes 2 waves of summons from the Oceanid, she will sink 2 of the platforms. This ability deals a moderate amount of damage if you're ever unlucky and it hits you (as apparently the AI ​​always chooses the platform furthest from the player's current location).
    • Immerse: The Oceanid submerges for a period of time, before re-emerging.
    • Remolino: If you take too long to defeat the Summons, the Oceanid creates a whirlpool under the player following them, and explodes after a while, dealing massive damage. This ability cannot be dodged and usually occurs if you take too long to try to defeat Rhodeia.


    Before starting the fight, it is highly recommended to have a bow or catalyst user in case Rhodeia summons raptors, as they are particularly difficult to hit without. Geo constructions such as Zhongli's Dominus lapidis stone stelae and Albedo's Abiogenesis: Solar Isotome ability will not work in sand.

    When the fight starts, Rhodeia will summon illusory animals that mimic wildlife to fight the player on their behalf and turn the weather to rain. These Hydro illusions will appear on one of the non-sunken tiles that make up the arena and are directly related to your health; After clearing each wave, it loses life. The first two cases of this are a lot of ilsoria animals, which varies from the list above.

    While each illusory animal has varying resistances, they are all immune to Hydro's attacks for obvious reasons. The imitators' permanent Hydro status means that Vaporize, Shock, and Freeze can constantly be inflicted on them if such characters are taken into the field, the former two dealing bonus damage, while the latter can take pressure off some troublesome imitators. Electric attacks must be used with careful consideration, as the player will be wet throughout the battle and may accidentally apply Shock to himself if careless.

    Geo characters that can cause Crystallization can be useful as Rhodeia and her imitators only deal Hydro Damage. The most troublesome illusory animals are Raptors, Finches, and Frogs. As stated above, Raptors are incredibly troublesome without Bow or Catalyst users. Finches and Frogs, after being defeated, will transform into a Hydro bomb that deals massive damage, along with extremely wide range - players will need to move further away than the game insists with the AoE indicator. While it is possible to run away from it without taking damage or using a shield to block it, this should only be done by defeating the copycat towards the edges of the arena.

    After the first two waves of knockoffs have been eliminated, Rhodeia will drop two random tiles into the water; however, he is unlikely to target the tile the player is on, generally opting to hit one that he is not standing on. Once this attack concludes, Rhodeia will now summon two sets of Illusory Animals per wave.

    When the next two waves of knockoffs are eliminated, he will hit two more random tiles, before summoning two more sets of illusionary animals for the last wave. After the last mimic is destroyed, she will fall into the water, defeated.

    Event variants

    The wrath of Rhodeia

    Main article: Wrath of Rhodeia

    • The Wrath of Rhodeia is the variant of the chief of Oceanida - Rhodeia during the Yearning Waters event.

    Resentful oceanid

    Main article: Embarrassed Oceanid

    • The resentful Oceanid, known as Urania, is the chief variant of Oceanid - Rhodeia during the Legend of the Wandering Sword event.

    Known bugs

    • The illusory animals of the Oceanid are not harmed. Restart the fight by teleporting back and forth.
    • The Oceanid submerges but does not surface again. Restart the fight.
    • The Oceánida wanders without summoning any impersonators. Restart the fight.

    Oceanida at stakeLocationHydromimetic craneHydromimetic frogbird boy hydromimeticHydromimetic squirrelHydromimetic crabHydromimetic finchHydromimetic boarhydromimetic duck


    • In Greek mythology, the Oceanids were the daughter nymphs of the Titan Oceanus. Rhodeia (also known as Rhodea or Rhodia) is one of them.

    During Albedo's legendary mission, he pronounces Oceánida as "O-cee-a-nida" (/ oʊˈsiːənɪd /), which is an established pronunciation of the mythological being, in addition to "Oh-shen-id" (/ ˈoʊʃənɪd /).

    • The Oceánida has been fully voiced in Version 1.4.
    • Like Oceanida, Rhodeia originates from the nation of Fontaine. The Oceanids are Hydro elemental beings who swore allegiance to the former Archon Hydro and lived in the Fontaine bodies of water, acting as informants or spies for their Archon and providing a connection for the people of their land. However, when the current Archon Hydro, the God of Justice, ascended to this position, the Oceanids disagreed with her ideal and goals and refused to cooperate with her. As a result, most of their race has left Fontaine and now lives in other nations.
    • Unlike the other normal bosses who are simply present and become aggressive when approaching or attacking, Rhodeia is not initially present in her arena, and the player has to interact with her pool of water to start the fight. She is also the only normal boss to appear in a random place every time the player comes to challenge her, as said pool of water appears in one of the four corners of her area.

    Change history

    Version 1.4 The fight of the Oceánida is now closed by an interactive, instead of starting with proximity (undocumented). Dialogue voice-over was added to the Oceanid boss fight, as well as certain sound effects for the Oceanid creatures. Version 1.3 The battle initiation dialog was revised. Version 1.0 Rhodeia was added to the game.
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