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    Raptor He is a member of the Treasure Thieves. A criminal in Mondstadt known for his excellence using the glider, hence his name. He first appeared in Amber's Legendary Mission, Act I: Wind, Courage, and Wings from the Lepus minor chapter. She is one of the two great Treasure Thieves, the other being the "Sister", also known as the "Boss".


    Not much is known about Bird of Prey other than that he is a Treasure Thief. He was once denounced by a Sister in Favonius Cathedral. The Knights of Favonius attempted to lure Ve Raptor into the Cathedral with an artifact, but he escaped with it. Amber and the Traveler track his whereabouts using the secret elemental marks on the artifact.

    While tracking Bird of Prey, Amber and the Traveler obtain information from Farrah, a fruit vendor who claims to have seen someone fall off his glider due to carrying a heavy object. Assuming that the person slipping was Raptor with the artifact, Amber and the Traveler follow this track and collect clues in the area that leads them to the thief's hideout.

    Inside the Domain, they find Bird of Prey on the other side of a seemingly insurmountable gap. Taunting Amber until she stiffens and tries to slide through the gap. Halfway there, a sudden wind helps her. After a short fight, Bird of Prey is defeated and arrested.

    In the Archon Mission "Involuntary Sacrifice" from Chapter I: Act IV, Lan reveals that "Raptor of the North" has teamed up with the "Sister of the South", chief of the Treasure Thieves in Liyue, to raid some unexplored ruins. guarded by the Order of the Abyss.


    Raptor fights as a boss in Ranger Style accompanied by other Treasure Thieves (consisting of Sentinels, Crossbowmen, and Potion Masters). He fights like a crossbowman, but also has the ability to jump when the player is at close range, having greater resistance to disruption while attacking and with an additional attack: Pyro Bolts, that is, he lights a bolt on the crossbow and shoots 3 times in a row, dealing Pyro Damage.

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