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    Portable teleporter

    Who I am
    Martí Micolau
    Author and references

    “When used, it will create a Teleportation Point in the world. Only one can be created.
    This is an object that emulates the function of a Teleportation Point, so it may be connected to the ley lines in some way.
    It is a really useful item for the bearers of a Vision. The principles that govern the operation of the Teleportation Points are not yet fully known, so using it could have some side effect ... »

    ~ Description.

    El Portable teleporter is a contraption, this not reusable and used placing it on the ground.


    • The blueprint is obtained as a reward for reaching Reputation level 6 in Mondstadt.


    Allows the user to create a temporary Teleportation Point at their current location that lasts for 7 days. When you try to use the device in the air, in domains or in bodies of water, the player will see the message "Cannot be used in the current state". If the usage is invalid, the device is not consumed.

    If you try to deploy another Portable teleporterWhile one is active, a window will be displayed asking the player for confirmation. Continuing will result in the deletion of the previous point.


  • Dry ley line leaves
  • 1 × Dry Ley Line Leaves
  • Fluorescent cuirass
  • 2 × Fluorescent cuirass
  • Piece of glass
  • 5 × Crystal Shard
  • Portable teleporter
  • 1 × Portable teleporter
    • 1 Dry ley line leaves
    • 2 Fluorescent cuirass
    • 5 Piece of glass

    1 portable teleporter

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