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    Parsifal He was an aristocrat from Mondstadt who lived during the time of the aristocratic period a thousand years ago. He was a legitimate heir to Landrich and brother of the illegitimate heir Eberhart and the legitimate heir Ingbert.




    Even just a little, I want to use my strength to change this dark world. »

    ~ Parsifal

    Parsifal was disobedient under the Late Aristocracy because he was inspired by the noble tales of his early Aristocratic ancestors, and copied them through chivalric plays. Later, partly due to Eberhart's approval, Parsifal gave up the life of a nobleman and became a phantom thief, robbing the rich nobles and giving to the poor. He maintained his noble character even during this time, using his weaponry only to threaten and not to kill. According to people, he was apparently a cheerful guy, often singing and drinking, preferring to spend time drinking with friends than chasing women, until he found one that captivated his heart.


    When he was younger, Parsifal was known for his disobedience and love of chivalric acting that he developed from reading the tales and songs of his ancestors. Eberhart goaded him to achieve his dream of becoming a phantom thief and ended up stealing a sword from his own family's vault and leaving his noble home to hide among the streets.

    Vigilantism and fall

    After that point he roamed the city as a commoner and used his sword skills to rob rich nobles and give goods to poor commoners. At that time, people were afraid to light a fire at night, so he was able to hide easily. At some point along the way he acquired a bow and used it in his robberies, in which he was quite successful, causing much fear and anger among the nobles. At least some of his stolen goods he gave or sold to a mysterious merchant who collects rare items. Commoners loved him, but he would rather drink with friends than worry about romance. That is, until one night when he was leaving a mansion with stolen goods and saw a woman in a window whose eyes were as blue as the gem in the silver cup that he had just stolen. Impressed by her beauty, he approached her, took the blue gem from the silver cup and gave it to her as a gift.

    Unfortunately, this blue gem had the ruling family's crest on it, and when the woman's master found out she had it, she was punished, causing her to be angry at Parsifal despite having a crush on him. The next time they met, she warned him that one day she would pay him back for the scars caused by his actions, and they apparently never met again despite her promise. It is unknown if the nobles had any idea what the phantom thief's true identity was, but he continued to rob the nobles in Mondstadt for a long time.

    Eberhart eventually tricked Parsifal in some way, forcing him to flee Mondstadt so that Eberhart could usurp his legitimacy. Parsifal buried the sword he had used as a phantom thief and then fled across the sea.

    Consequences and death

    Despondent by his brother's deception and his inability to reconcile with his lover, Parsifal fled to Liyue with only the slender sword known as the Iron Thorn and a blue feather. Depressed, he eventually became an alcoholic who drowned in the demonic drink to forget his past. At some point, he met a Captain and became his First Officer despite his alcoholic tendencies. When the Captain went to get revenge on his old crew, Parsifal followed him. They managed to kill the sea monster at the cost of their own lives.

    Parsifal would never find out that Eberhart used the Blue-Eyed Witch's love for him to eventually kill her. The people of Mondstadt, who never knew the true end of the tragic relationship between Parsifal and the Blue-Eyed Witch, wrote songs that gave them a happy ending as a motivating tale.

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