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    Parametric Transmuter

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    This article contains descriptions translated from the English version instead of using the official texts of the game in Spanish. You can correct them yourself or share screenshots of the errors with us via Discord.

    芦An object in which material can be placed to turn it into something else.

    • It is necessary to perform Elemental Attacks against the material until it reaches the point of transmutation.
    • After obtaining the transmuted material, you must wait 7 days to use this item again.

    This ancient instrument discovered in ruins has the ability to accelerate the cycle of the elements to transmute materials. Everything on and below the earth is in a constant cycle, and memories and elements constantly flow through ley lines. In this sense, a rotten solsettia will always end up converging with the earth, from which one day a tree will sprout that will bear bright fruit. 禄

    ~ Description.

    El Parametric Transmuter it's a gadget, this is reusable and used placing it on the ground.


    • Obtained as a reward for completing the Tianqiu Treasure Path World Quests.


    To make Elemental attacks this Gadget can be exchanged for a quantity of materials for other "better quality" materials, these materials are awarded in a way Random depending on the quality and quantity of the materials you use.

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