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    Panoramic view

    Who I am
    Pau Monfort
    Author and references

    Departing from the Star Valley, you and Paimon walk together, advancing towards a new destination. 禄

    Panoramic view is the first part of the Archon Missions of the Prologue: Act I.


    1. Keep moving down the road
    2. Go with paimon
    3. Talk to Paimon
    4. Follow Paimon
    5. Swim across the Star Lake


  • Adventure EXP
  • Adventure EXP x225
  • blackberry
  • Mora x975
  • Character EXP
  • Character EXP x500


    (Talk to Paimon) Paimon: Wow! Paimon: It's the Statue of The Seven! Paimon: There are statues like this throughout the territory as a symbol of protection of this world. Paimon: Of the Seven Gods, he is the one who controls the wind. Paimon: I don't know if it's the god Anemo you're looking for, but ... Paimon: I'll take you to his kingdom first, and I have a reason for it ... (Follows Paimon) Paimon: As everyone knows, language and poetry flow in the wind ... Paimon: Someone must know something about your sister's whereabouts. Or so Paimon hopes. Paimon: Of course, we won't know if the gods will respond if we don't try ... Paimon: Come on, there's no time to waste! (Swim across Star Lake) Paimon: You can swim across!
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