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El Pancakes It is a dish that the player can prepare. The recipe can be obtained from The Good Hunter for Blackberry × 2500 upon reaching Adventure Rank 15.

When Noelle makes the Pancakes, she has a chance to create Fluffy Pancakes instead.


Like most foods, this dish has no effect on other players in Co-op Mode.

  • Revive a character and restore 250/400/550 pts. of their life.


  • Baya
  • 3× pretty
  • Flour (XNUMXg)
  • 2 × Flour
  • Bird egg
  • 1 × Bird Egg
  • Pancakes
  • 1 × Pancakes
    • 3 Baya
    • 2 Flour (XNUMXg)
    • 1 Bird egg

    1 pancakes

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