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    Ode to the Wind Flowers

    "An arch decorated with unknown flowers that carries the fervent wishes of a person also unknown"

    Ode to the Wind Flowers is a bow from Genshin Impact.


    • 1 Statistics
    • 2 History
    • 3 Passive effect
    • 4 Ascents


    Level Basic attack Elemental Mastery
    20 / 20 109 64
    / 40 135
    40 / 40 205 93
    / 50 231
    50 / 50 266 107
    / 60 292
    60 / 60 327 122
    / 70 353
    70 / 70 388 136
    / 80 414
    80 / 80 449 151
    / 90 475
    90 / 90 510 165


    In Mondstadt's childhood dreams, there was a very light floating flower spice.
    It grew amid storms and extreme cold, and flourished despite the wild ice.

    It was very different from other flowers and plants, which were either uprooted or blown away by strong winds.

    The roots of these flowers, called "wind flowers", became more resistant the stronger the wind that shook them.
    Today, the distant struggle of the people who rebelled against the former tyrant is cause for celebration and humor.
    And the memory of those flowers has become increasingly blurred, to the point of merging with the melody of the lyre, so old and similar to the whistling of the wind.

    "Here, I give you this nameless flower. I wish that the springs that you have not yet lived have a great meaning for you.
    I hope they pay you back with hope and smiles, and that together we welcome the day when the storms cease. "

    This was how free-spirited people greeted each other at the time when the Tyrant of the Tempest looked down on them from his tower.
    Those people who sought courage and dreamed of being able to express themselves freely had to invent all kinds of passwords and secret signals.
    In the past, those lonely and fragile flowers bloomed in the wind and flooded the misty mountains.
    Thus, the impassive and uprooted subjects, who until then lived by letting themselves be carried away, became proud and brave heroes.
    The surly and selfish tyrant of the tower grew smaller and insignificant, until its winds could no longer stem the rising tide.

    "Here, I give you this nameless flower. I want her to crown you and me as heroes, and to protect our present and our future.
    I wish that the pink clouds of twilight would be transformed into a spirit that accompanies us and that travels freely through the gentle breeze. "

    Then, in the ruins of the old tower, amid the joy of the people, who now enjoyed a new life, the songs and the tears, a red-haired warrior turned his back to the newborn god and plunged into the tide. from the crowd like a small drop of water.
    He was one of the pioneers in transmitting secret messages through the wind flowers, and he wove the first rays of dawn on his long nocturnal journey before dawn.
    His name fell into oblivion with the flow of time, but his exploits were transmitted and sung incessantly through poetry.
    Millennia later, another red-haired knight followed in the footsteps of the previous warrior to illuminate the history dyed black by the aristocracy.
    Their fate was the same as that of the wind flowers: to bloom under great pressure and rise at the right time.
    This person's clan was to live forever in the darkest of nights and bring forth the flames of dawn.

    Thus, the appearance of wind flowers was falling into oblivion over the years and popular customs.
    With the arrival of peace, his name became a symbol of love and joy.
    Or, at least, that was what the people who walked steadily in the dead of night wanted.

    "These flowers should symbolize love and the arrival of better times, and not the smoke of war or a standard-bearer code for rebellion."

    Passive effect

    LevelEffectRefinement cost
    1When using an Elemental Skill, you gain the grace of wind flowers, which increases Attack by one 16% for 6 seconds.500
    2When using an Elemental Skill, you gain the grace of wind flowers, which increases Attack by one 20% for 6 seconds.1,000
    3When using an Elemental Skill, you gain the grace of wind flowers, which increases Attack by one 24% for 6 seconds.2,000
    4When using an Elemental Skill, you gain the grace of wind flowers, which increases Attack by one 28% for 6 seconds.4,000
    5When using an Elemental Skill, you gain the grace of wind flowers, which increases Attack by one 32% for 6 seconds.


    Ascension Maximum level Cost Weapon Ascension Material Common material 1 Common material 2
    1 20 5,000
    3x Dandelion Shackles

    3x Dry Branch of Ley Lines

    2x Megaflora Nectar
    2 40 15,000
    3x Dandelion Chain

    12x Dry Branch of Ley Lines

    8x Megaflora Nectar
    3 50 20,000
    6x Dandelion Chain

    6x Dry Ley Line Leaves

    6x Sparkling Nectar
    4 60 30,000
    3x Dandelion Handcuffs

    12x Dry Ley Line Leaves

    9x Sparkling Nectar
    5 70 35,000
    6x Dandelion Handcuffs

    9x Ley Line Sprouts

    6x Energy Nectar
    6 80 45,000
    4x Dandelion Ideals

    18x Ley Line Sprouts

    12x Energy Nectar
    Max 90 Maximum level
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