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    Nautical chart

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    Alejandra Rangel
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    'A very detailed map of the waters around Teyvat. This is one of those wonderful documents that came through the Liyue trade routes. »

    Nautical chart is a catalyst for Genshin Impact.


    • 1 Statistics
    • 2 Recipe
    • 3 History
    • 4 Passive effect
    • 5 Ascents


    Level Basic attack Elemental Mastery
    20 / 20 119 42
    / 40 144
    40 / 40 226 62
    / 50 252
    50 / 50 293 71
    / 60 319
    60 / 60 361 81
    / 70 387
    70 / 70 429 91
    / 80 455
    80 / 80 497 101
    / 90 523
    90 / 90 565 110


  • Northern Catalyst Prototype
  • 1 × Northern Catalyst Prototype
  • Piece of glass
  • 50 × Crystal Shard
  • Piece of white iron
  • 50 × Piece of White Iron
  • Nautical chart
  • 1 × Nautical chart
    • 1 Northern Catalyst Prototype
    • 50 Piece of glass
    • 50 Piece of white iron

    1 Nautical Chart


    Everyone comes to Liyue. That is the honor of this great commercial port.
    The most exotic treasures also come here along with the seas of people.
    A map detailing the surrounding seas of the continent. It also includes other bodies of water, tributaries, reefs, and air currents, among other things.
    It is an exotic compendium that contains the knowledge of brave pioneers and explorers, their courage and their faith.

    The cover of this book reads as follows:
    "Love the sea breeze and ocean currents, for it is the wind and the water that carry sailors to their destination."
    "Fear even more that same sea breeze and those same ocean currents, for uncontrolled wind and water can destroy even a steel ship."

    To know well the character of the ocean, one must explore every hidden reef, every prevailing wind, and every whale hangout.
    These words appear on the yellowed pages of countless logbooks, like an ode of love to the skin and hair of someone we love.

    In foreign lands, seasoned sailors regard the ocean as their lover, and use feminine pronouns to refer to the harsh waters.
    Perhaps they do so because of the temperament of the ocean or its vast bosom. Or maybe because they are drawn to the romance of adventures at sea.
    Like the ocean, this map responds to no master. Like a sailor, he harbors the romantic dream of exploring every corner of the world.

    Passive effect

    LevelEffectRefinement cost
    1Activating an Elemental Reaction grants a 8% additional Elemental Damage over 10 seconds, and can stack up to 2 times.500
    2Activating an Elemental Reaction grants a 10% additional Elemental Damage over 10 seconds, and can stack up to 2 times.1,000
    3Activating an Elemental Reaction grants a 12% additional Elemental Damage over 10 seconds, and can stack up to 2 times.2,000
    4Activating an Elemental Reaction grants a 14% additional Elemental Damage over 10 seconds, and can stack up to 2 times.4,000
    5Activating an Elemental Reaction grants a 16% additional Elemental Damage over 10 seconds, and can stack up to 2 times.


    Ascension Maximum level Cost Weapon Ascension Material Common material 1 Common material 2
    1 20 5,000
    3x Dark Siderite Grain

    3x Fragile Bone Fragment

    2x Slime Condensate
    2 40 15,000
    3x Dark Siderite Sheet

    12x Fragile Bone Fragment

    8x Slime Condensate
    3 50 20,000
    6x Dark Siderite Sheet

    6x Solid Bone Fragment

    6x Babas the Slime
    4 60 30,000
    3x Dark Siderite Fragment

    12x Solid Bone Fragment

    9x Babas the Slime
    5 70 35,000
    6x Dark Siderite Fragment

    9x Fossilized Bone Fragment

    6x Essence of Slime
    6 80 45,000
    4x Chunk of Dark Siderite

    18x Fossilized Bone Fragment

    12x Essence of Slime
    Max 90 Maximum level
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