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    Nantianmen Mountain

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    Lluís Enric Mayans
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    «A strange tree in whose branches a clear and cold moonlight flows. Its roots, which reach deep into the earth, may be connected to something that hopes to surface once to enjoy the moonlight. »

    ~ Moonlight Tree

    Nantianmen Mountain (Chinese: 南天门 Nántiānmén) is an area in Minlin, Liyue.

    This region features in particular the Sometedragons, a large tree that is used to seal Azhdaha, whom Jiu worships. The dragon has begun to merge with the tree, using its roots to connect to the ley lines and draw energy from them.

    At the top of the tree is a large blue branch, pointing directly towards Liyue Harbor. That portion of the tree cannot be climbed either.


    • 1 NPC
    • 2 Notable features
    • 3 Enemies
    • 4 Stone Stele



    Notable features

    • Sometedragons
    • Under the Dragonbender (Boss Domain)


  • Azhdaha
  • Azhdaha

    Stone stele

    There is a Stone Stele located near the tree that you can interact with. Like the memories of the Dragon Azhdaha you mention, the text is badly eroded. The script used appears to be that commonly used for official and magical inscriptions at Teyvat

    Stone stele: "Life in Heaven and on Earth has endured thanks to the Adeptus who worked unceasingly. In this place lies an evil dragon. Please do not disturb."

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