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    Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown


    1. Find Klee.
    2. Ask for the legend of the islands (X / 3)
    3. Go to the Mondstadt Library
    4. Talk to Lisa
    5. Talk to Jean


    "Cinematic begins" Klee: "Evil fire girl, I'm from the Clan ...". Hmm, I can't read this part ... "In the name of the Dodo King, you are not qualified to become the new Dodoco family!" Klee: "Unless you bring Dodoco to the Golden Apple Archipelago, and light ...". Eh ... "accept ...". Hmm ... Klee: Klee doesn't know some of these words ... Paimon: Let Paimon take a look! Paimon: It says "overlord" here, which means he's the most powerful guy in the place and has the last word. And here it says: "unless you turn on all four headlights and knock on the doors of the challenge." It probably means that you have to accept some kind of challenge. Paimon: The last word is "referee". He means that ... you will be judged by him. Klee: Arbi ... Humm ... Arbi ... trar? Paimon: Oh, be that as it may, it's not good at all. He will judge and criticize you while pretending to be a good person! Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown It looks like he wants you to give Dodoco back to him. Klee: Impossible! Dodoco is my best friend, I will never give Dodoco to him! Klee: But ... he mentioned that he is the strongest of the Dodo Clan. Does that mean that the Dodo Clan is the Dodoco family? Paimon: Judging from the names, it seems so ... But, Klee, where is this "Golden Apple Archipelago"? Klee: I do not know. Paimon: What?! Klee: It is also the first time I have heard of a "Golden Apple Archipelago". Archipelago ... Golden Apple ... Klee: It's probably an island with lots of apples! He he. Paimon: Hmm... Paimon: What Klee just read is everything the letter says. and it is not signed. Klee, did it come with an envelope? Klee: No. Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Where did you send the letter from? Klee: I do not know. Suddenly it appeared on the windowsill of my room. Paimon: King Dodo, Clan Dodo ... If Paimon remembers correctly, Dodoco is the doll that hangs from Klee's backpack, right? Klee: No! Dodoco is my best friend, he is not a doll! Paimon: Oh right, Dodoco is an amazing creature! But all this about his family is very strange ... Maybe it's a joke? Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown I also suspect that it is a joke. Paimon: If it was just a joke, then we should just ignore it. Klee: Not in any way! I will never accept defeat! I have to go! Paimon: But we haven't even heard of that place ... Klee: Honorary Knight, you have a plan, right? I trust you! Paimon: Even if we did ... Klee: I beg you! Please please please! You have to help me! Paimon: Paimon has the impression that if we don't agree to help her, she will go alone. And that would be dangerous. Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Certainly... Paimon: We'd better accompany Klee before I let her go alone. Klee: Yes? Please? Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown It's okay. Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown I'll help you. Paimon: * Sigh *, we can't say no after you've tried so hard. But since we will go together, you have to behave well and not run all over the place! Klee: In agreement! Paimon: As usual, let's start by gathering some information ... «Finish cinematic» Paimon: Let's go around town and ask people if anyone knows anything. (Talking to Cyrus) Paimon: Cyrus, we want to ask you about a place. Klee: You must know him, right? Certain? Cyrus: Oh? You look very worried, little adventurer. Did you run into any problems? Paimon: Ehmm ... Something like that. We want to find a certain archipelago, but no one seems to have heard of it. So we came to ask you, an experienced adventurer. Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown (Paimon is trying hard to help Klee ...) Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown (How flattering she turned suddenly ...) Cyrus: Hahaha, if you are looking for some unknown lands or the knowledge of an adventurer, you have come to the right man! Cyrus: What kind of archipelago are you looking for? Klee: One that has many islands and is in the sea ... Paimon: It's called the Golden Apple Archipelago. Cyrus: Golden Apple Archipelago ... Ehmm ... Hmm ... Cyrus: Hahaha what an amazing place! I haven't even heard that name! Paimon: That? You don't even know him ?! Cyrus: Precisely! The land of Teyvat is immense, no one can travel it in its entirety. But fear not, dear friends! They must be brave and venture into the unknown! Paimon: Who would have thought that not even Cyrus, the Master of this branch of the Adventurer's Guild, would know anything. Maybe those islands don't exist? Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown But, Cyrus, you sounded confident before. Cyrus: Ah, hahaha ... Come on, don't be like that. Klee: What I am going to do? Oh, Dodoco ... (Talking to Marjorie) Paimon: Marjorie has a souvenir shop, you may have heard of unusual things! After all, memories come in all shapes and sizes, and from all corners. Marjorie: What do you mean "unusual"? Paimon: Have you heard of the Golden Apple Archipelago? It is made up of many small islands and is located somewhere in the sea. Marjorie: Are not all the archipelagos made up of small islands and located in the sea? Klee: Exact! Paimon: Oh! You're right. Hmm ... So Paimon has another question. Are there archipelagos in Mondstadt? Marjorie: Not that I know of. You've seen the map of Mondstadt, right? All known islands are already registered, so you should take a look at the map. Marjorie: In general, maps accurately record the topography of a place. For most people, this means that if it's not on a map, it doesn't exist. Paimon: The Mondstadt map does not show any archipelago. In other words, there are none ... Paimon: A place that doesn't exist? Makes sense. Klee: Oh ... then ... Paimon: N-no! What Paimon meant is that we should go ask other people! (Talking to Mr. Huffman) Paimon: Mr. Huffman, do you know the Golden Apple Archipelago? Klee: It's in the sea! Huffman: A certain Golden Apple Archipelago? In the middle of the sea? Hmm ... Huffman: This is the first time I have heard something like this. Are they islands where a lot of apples grow? Klee: So you have no idea either ... Paimon: Well, after all, Huffman is always patrolling the city ... Huffman: Sorry... Klee: It's ok, I forgive you! Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Klee, he wasn't really apologizing. Klee: Hey? Seriously? Paimon: Let's ask someone else. Paimon: It seems that no one in Mondstadt knows anything about the place mentioned in the letter. Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown It seems more and more that it is a joke. Paimon: Klee, do you have any friends you don't get along with? Maybe someone wrote that letter just to scare you? Klee: No, I love everyone, and everyone loves me. Paimon: Hmm, Paimon thinks the same. Klee: Then it can't be a joke! Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown I agree. Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Nobody would like a joke on Klee. Paimon: It's not a joke, but no one knows where those islands are. Paimon is getting more and more confused. Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Is there someone with even greater knowledge that we can ask? Paimon: Someone with more knowledge ... I know! Paimon: We should ask Lisa about this kind of thing! He's in the library every day, and he's probably read all the Mondstadt books. Klee: Oh! Miss Lisa! Paimon: Let's go to the library! (In the library) Paimon: ¡Lisa! Lisa: Wow, it's my darling, Paimon and Klee. What brings them to the library so suddenly? Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown There is something we want to ask you. Klee: Miss Lisa, help me find an archi ... archipelago! Lisa: An archipelago? Klee: King Dodo told me to go to the Golden Apple Archipelago to challenge myself! Paimon: Don't worry, Klee. Paimon will tell the details. Lisa, the thing is ... (They inform Lisa about the letter and the archipelago ...) Lisa: Let me see if I understood. To determine if Klee is worthy of being a member of the Dodoco family, the ruler of the Dodo Clan, King Dodo, wrote a letter to Klee summoning her to a certain "Golden Apple Archipelago" to put her to the test. Lisa: Is it a good summary? Klee: Yes! I have to go! Lisa: And you darlings came looking for me to help Klee find the location of the Golden Apple Archipelago, or am I wrong? Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown That's how it is. You are one of the smartest people in Mondstadt. Lisa: Haha, how sweet of you. So, I have no choice but to help them as much as I can. Lisa: Klee, can I see that letter? Klee: It's okay! Lisa: Hmm. There is little information in the letter. Have you tried other methods? Paimon: Other methods? Lisa: The card contains faint elemental traces that appear to be a clue to something else. Why don't you try using your Elemental Vision? Paimon: Certain! How did we not think of it? Quick, give it a try! Paimon: Did you find something? Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Something appeared on the back of the letter. Lisa: Most of the content on the back was written using elemental power. What an interesting approach. Lisa: Here's a pen. Honey, would you mind copying what you see with the Elemental Vision? (You use the Elemental Vision to copy the contents of the back of the letter ...) Paimon: And that's it! Lisa: The information on the reverse page is now clearer. This sketch is probably of the Golden Apple Archipelago that you are looking for. Paimon: A lot of small islands floating in the water without being anchored to the mainland ... It is as if they had emerged from the bottom of the sea. Paimon: It's like they just appeared out of nowhere! Lisa: Maybe you're right, Paimon. Klee: I don't understand what they mean ... Lisa: I have read all the books within the walls of this library. Similar islands are mentioned in some of them. Lisa: A mysterious archipelago surrounded by storms, shrouded in dense fog, and that does not belong to any nation. What comes from outside cannot enter, and what is inside cannot leave. Only those who are elected can enter. Lisa: Many years ago, a fleet from Mondstadt found some islands in the sea. According to the report, torrential rains were falling and a deafening wind was blowing. The sailors could barely discern dry land through the thick fog. Lisa: The islands were not far from them, but no matter how long they sailed, they could never get close. The sailors went from being confused to being terrified, believing they were hallucinating. Paimon: Wow ... sounds mysterious and scary ... Lisa: Unfortunately, there are no records of its location in the books. I'm afraid that if you want more information, you will have to find someone who knows more than I do. Paimon: And Paimon thought Lisa would be the expert on this kind of thing ... Lisa: I'm just a librarian who prefers to stay in the library with her books. Lisa: Klee, do you really want to go to those islands? It can be a very scary place. Klee: If I want to go! Lisa: Haha, you are very brave. Then I'll stop scaring you. But it would not hurt for someone to accompany you. Someone I can trust, like you, baby. Paimon: Klee, aren't you scared? Klee: Yes, but not being able to be a part of the Dodoco family is even scarier ... Klee: Dodoco is very important to me ... I will not lose to King Dodo! Klee: I'll take days off so I can go to the Golden Apple Archipelago and find King Dodo. Paimon: Free days? Klee: Yes, I am a Knight of Favonius. Master Jean told me that if I want to go somewhere far away, I have to ask for days off. Paimon: Do you plan to order them now? But we still don't know where the islands are! Lisa: Honey, judging by the look on your face, you already have a plan, right? Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown I have very powerful friends in Mondstadt. Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown I have a vague idea ... Lisa: Then they will have to get Jean's approval. I will stay here supporting you while I enjoy a good book and a cup of tea. (In Jean's Office) Klee: Master Jean, I want to ask for days off because I want to go somewhere! Jean: Klee? Oh traveler, Paimon, you came too. Barbarian: It's been a long time, how are you? Paimon: Barbara is here too! How odd! Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Shall we interrupt a moment between sisters? Jean: Ahem! C-of course not. Klee, why are you suddenly asking for days off? Klee: Klee will go to the Golden Apple Archipelago to see King Dodo or else ... if not, he will take Dodoco! Barbarian: King Dodo? Take Dodoco away? Klee: * Snif *, you don't think I'm worthy of being a member of the Dodoco family ... Klee: I need to prove that I am! Honorary Knight, you will help me, right? Jean: Traveler, Paimon, is that true? Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Klee tells the truth and nothing but the truth. Jean: He had never heard of the Golden Apple Archipelago. Where is? Barbarian: I haven't heard of him either ... Klee: Neither did I, but Miss Lisa said someone must know! Jean: ... So it's a place that even Lisa doesn't know about? Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Yes, but I have a hunch. Jean: I see. From what they say, it seems like a pretty mysterious place. Jean: My sincere apologies, but I cannot approve the permission for Knight Klee. Klee: Hey? Why? I have to go! Jean: Even if these mysterious islands existed, we cannot determine if they are safe or not. I can't let you go to a dangerous place. Paimon: But... Klee: If I don't go, they will take Dodoco. I don't want to lose Dodoco ... Barbarian: Ay, Klee ... Jean: Also, how do you plan to get to the archipelago? Without a safe and reliable plan, I'm afraid I can't give you my approval. Klee: Oh... Dodoco... Barbarian: Honorary Knight! Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown (¿Eh? ¿Barbara is squealing me?) Barbarian: Let's go out! Barbarian: Can you think of any way to get to those islands? Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Maybe Venti the bard has an idea. Paimon: Paimon was just thinking about him too! As expected, we are in tune. Klee: Winds? Paimon: He is a magical bard that Paimon calls "cheap bard." Klee: Can he help me? Paimon: He is our friend, so he will definitely help us! Barbarian: If he's a friend of the Honorary Knight, there should be no problem. We all know how trustworthy the Honorary Knight is. Barbarian: How about we do this? I will try to persuade Master Jean. As you know, it is very serious, so I think it may take some time ... Barbarian: Klee, trust me, okay? I will do what I can to help you. Klee: Okay, I can wait. Barbarian: Excellent! Tomorrow afternoon, let's all meet in the square in front of the Cathedral. Wait for good news from me. I will make it anyway! Paimon: Paimon knew we could trust you! You can, Barbara! (In Game) Paimon: The time has come! Let's meet Barbara and Klee in the square! (In the square) Paimon: We are all here! Barbarian: Come on! Klee: Honorary Knight, Paimon! Jean: Greetings. Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Oh, Master Jean is here too! Jean: Yes, it's a long story ... Jean: Barbara and Lisa talked to me and I realized something. Whether he approves of it or not, Klee will go wherever he wants anyway. It has always been like this. Klee: Hehe ... Barbarian: We all know Klee. Rather than running headlong into danger, it is better to accept what he asks. Jean: Klee, Knight of Favonius, your request for permission has been approved. Klee: Wow! Brilliant! Barbarian: But we have certain conditions! Jean: In return, I will accompany you to the Golden Apple Archipelago described in the letter. As for the affairs of the Knights, I will leave them to Kaeya. Jean: There's a lot to do at Headquarters, and I shouldn't be leaving, but ... I'd be worrying about Klee all the time. Jean: So let me travel with you. Paimon: Well! Everything will be fine if Master Jean accompanies us! Barbarian: My sister ... I mean, Master Jean also suggested that I go. I hope it doesn't happen, but I can help if anyone needs medical treatment during our trip. Paimon: How lucky to have Barbara too! Klee: Miss Barbara, Master Jean, how nice! I promise I'll be good! Jean: Klee, you always say that. I hope this time you keep your word. Klee: Hehe ... Jean: Lisa heard that I wanted to accompany them to the islands, so she packed this bag. Supposedly opening it will reveal a new path. Paimon: A new way? You mean a way to keep Klee out of trouble? Jean: He said not to open it until we got to the islands. Maybe it's for an emergency. Barbarian: Typical of Miss Lisa! All this time he has been thinking about us. Barbarian: Next we must find the bard, right? I asked the people around, they said he hasn't played in the plaza today, and that he probably went to Windbreaker. Paimon: What are we waiting for? Let's go to Windrose and find that shoddy bard. (They go to Windbreak) Paimon: Winds: Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Paimon: Winds: Klee: Winds: Winds: Winds: Klee: Winds: Klee: Winds: Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown Paimon: Winds: Jean: Winds:
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