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    Morax This article contains descriptions translated from the English version instead of using the official texts of the game in Spanish. You can correct them yourself or share screenshots of the errors with us via Discord.

    Morax, also known as the God of Contracts y King of the Stone (Chinese: 岩 王帝君 Yánwáng Dìjūn), it was the previous Archon Geo and one of the Seven who ruled the Liyue region. He is one of the two original members of The Seven who were still alive at the start of the game.

    He has a plethora of names and titles, including the First of the Adeptus, the God of Commerce, the God of Contracts, the God of War, and so on.

    Once a year, Morax descends during the Rite of Descent, leading his people through a prosperous year, dictating trade, and giving advice to the people.



    «The coins in this land are blood. I am the one who guarantees the hard work, the wisdom and the future of the people. This is the trust I have put in them. Betray her and you will stain yourself with my blood. »

    ~ Morax, in the description of the Prithiva Topaz

    Morax is the God of contracts, commerce, justice, and war, among many other names. He was the Archon Geo, and is the oldest of "The Seven", in addition to being the oldest god of the Seven with more than 6000 years.

    In addition to shaping the geography of the region he governs, Morax defended Liyue in major conflicts such as the War of the Archons, which was fought in the area that is now Guili Plain against other gods. Among the gods Morax faced is the great sea monster Osial.

    Morax is also, literally, the creative source of Teyvat's coins, the Mora, which derives its name from his. The blackberry is minted in the Golden House, the first Liyue Bank founded by the Archon himself.


    During formal events like the Rite of Descent, Morax takes the form of a half-dragon, half-lin creature. However, based on other representations of him, he typically takes a human form.

    Statues of The Seven in Liyue depict him as an adult man with a hood and robe wrapped around his legs, holding a bucket. In Yakshas, ​​the Adeptus guardians, his back is shown, wearing a white hooded robe and long, baggy pants. His hands are depicted orange, with vein-like markings running down his arm.

    The Rex Incognito series claims that it changes shape frequently depending on the situation, but it always has glowing amber eyes in whatever shape it takes.


    Little is known about Morax's personality before he became Archon, but the descriptions and legends about him represent a very different deity than the one known to people today. Venti, the current form of Barbatos, an old friend of Morax and the only other remaining member of the original Seven, describes Morax as a "brutal and clumsy buffoon" and a "stubborn old man".

    Despite being the God of Contracts, Rex recognizes that all situations are different and therefore "fairness" can vary depending on the situation. He also does not mind the "little maneuvers" behind the scenes and is not offended by Keching's criticism of Liyue's dependence on him. In fact, it turns out that he even agrees with her feelings and staged an elaborate test to see if Liyue could survive without her guidance ultimately resulting in the ultimate pretense of her death.


    Known history

    During the Archon War, Morax was someone close to Guizhong, the Goddess of Dust. The Guili Plains, where they settled their people, derives its name from parts of theirs. However, after Guizhong's death during the war, Morax moved his people to the place that is now Liyue Harbor.

    He also met Havria, the Goddess of Salt before the Archon War with which they got along but did not want to participate in the conflict. Death she served Morax to reconsider his bellicose attitude.

    When the War of the Archons came to an end 2 years ago, Morax emerged as one of the seven victors, henceforth known as The Seven. They had dinner together at Liyue. Two millennia later, only Morax and Barbatos remained, while the other five were eventually replaced.

    Morax's level of involvement in the 500-year-old catastrophe is currently unknown, but he is well aware of how much it affected the Tsarina.

    Archon Mission

    In Archon Mission Chapter 1, Act I: Rite of Descent, Morax is supposedly killed during the titular Rite, and his vessel, known as Exuvia, was brought to the Golden House by the Seven Stars of Liyue.

    In Archon's Mission Chapter I, Act III: A New Rising Star, it is revealed that she took the form of Zhongli and instigated most of the chapter's events, with the help of the Tsarina, the ruler of Snezhnaya and leader of the Fatui, and her envoy, Signora. This was designed to be a test to see if Liyue was ready to move on without his protection, as he intended to retreat from his position as Archon Geo. He exchanged his Gnosis as part of his contract with the Tsarina, which he called "the contract to terminate all contracts," though why he delivered it is unknown and affirmed to the Traveler that as he continues his journey, he would understand.


    • In the grimoire of demonology The Lesser Key of Solomon, "Morax" is one of the twelve Presidents of Hell and demon number 21, ruling over thirty (or thirty-two according to other authors) legions of demons. He teaches astronomy and other liberal sciences, and gives good and wise relatives who know the virtues of all herbs and precious stones. He is depicted both as a man with the head of a bull and as a bull with the head of a man.
    • Its title, 岩 王帝君 (Yánwáng Dìjūn; Imperial Sovereign Yánwáng; Stonelord Sovereign; Rex Lapis) includes the honorific title 帝君 (dìjūn; sovereign), typically added to the names of Taoist deities.
      • "Rex Lapis", therefore, is thematically related to the Chinese theme of the Liyue region and its Adeptus (who are immortal Taoists), contrasting the Ars Goetia theme of his name 'Morax'.
    • According to Zhongli (Morax's new look) he claims that a friend from Mondstadt always brought him some bottles of dandelion wine when they visited him. Dandelion wine is Venti's (Barbatos) favorite drink.
    • Zhongli calls Morax's dragon corpse the "Exuvia." The word "exuvia" refers to the outer skin that some creatures shed as a new exoskeleton grows.
    • In the Lost Treasure, Treasure Found quest line, the Guili Plain (归 离 原) is said to be named after the Goddess of Dust (Guizhong; 归 终) and Archon Geo himself. Neither Morax nor Rex Lapis fit this name, but Zhongli (钟离) does.
    • Various stories claim that Morax uses spears as a weapon, such as in Teyvat's Travel Guide and Journal of the Adventurer Roald.
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