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    Miss Bai

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    Aina Martin
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    La Ms. Bai (Chinese: 小白 Xiǎo Bái) is a non-playable character located in Chingtsé Village. Sell ​​culinary ingredients, food recipes and local specialties in exchange for Blackberry. Your store is restocked every 3 days.

    Following a certain branch of dialogue for the first time gives you Tofu × 8.


    • 1 Products
    • 2 Missions and events
      • 2.1 Events
    • 3 Phrase
    • 4 Dialogues


    Image Purpose Cost Limit
    Recipe: Noodles with mountain delicacies 2 500 1
    Recipe: Chingtsé Sauteed 5 000 1
    Receta: Guoba de Jueyun 5 000 1
    Chingtsé stir fry 6 150 2
    Tofu 120 10
    Almonds 150 10
    Silk flower 1000 10
    Crystal lily 50000 10

    Missions and events


    See also: World missions.
    • Rite of the Lantern
      • Watching over the villagers
      • The Chingtsé lanterns
      • For whom does this lantern shine?


    • ♫ ~


    Srta. Bai: Ah hello! Very few young people like you usually come here. : What do you sell? Hey. Srta. Bai: My name is Bai, and this is my mill, hehe. Well, technically, I'm the one overseeing the mill. Srta. Bai: How about? Not bad, huh? : Tell me about the mill Srta. Bai: What do you think? It is inherited from my father. I renewed it when he gave it to me, and every day I keep it in good condition. Srta. Bai: Maybe my father lived a quiet life here. Every time I hear the sound of the water mill, many childhood memories come to mind ... : Not bad. Srta. Bai: Thank you, it is always nice to receive positive feedback. This is more than just a mill - the tofu we make here is the best in all of Liyue! Srta. Bai: It may seem like I'm bragging, but it's the truth. Many restaurants in Liyue order food from us, including the Wangshu Inn! Srta. Bai: I could talk about it all day, but nothing better than trying it out for yourself. Here, invite the house. If you like it, you can come buy more whenever you want. : Are there no young people here anymore? Srta. Bai: That's how it is. Now almost all young people go away to work and do not return. And it is not that many young tourists come ... Srta. Bai: But, of course, city life is much more attractive ... : Bye. Srta. Bai: Bye. Have a good trip!
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