Memories of the heart

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Judit Llordes
Author and references

Encounter achievements are earned by completing different routes in Encounters.

Achievement Description Requirements Protogems
A Wonderful Adventure: Prologue Complete "A Wonderful Adventure" and unlock all possible endings. - 20
Master of Violent Lightning Witness how Bennet's bad luck can even affect the weather. - 5
The power of good luck Activate the mechanisms without making a mistake and get the treasure. - 5
Evil has been banished Complete "The Ghostbuster" and unlock all possible endings. - 20
The all-seeing eye Correctly evaluate all the information. - 5
Spicy hero Make the wrong ice cream and make Chongyun's congenital positivity explode. - 5
Exceeding the limits Complete "The Source of Healing" and unlock all possible endings. - 20
Bodyguard of an idol He convinces Albert and Barbara's other fans to leave. - 5
The spicy legend of Mondstadt Try Barbara's spicy drink. - 5
A firm and perfect maid Complete "The Path of a Knight" and unlock all possible endings. - 20
"... Because I must do my duty" Help Noelle discover the source of her strength. - 5
A world only roses know Read Noelle's study notes - 5
Forget about worry Complete "A Knight's Exam" and unlock all endings. - 20
Knight without a scratch Listen to "A Knight's Journey for Liyue" with Noelle. - 5
The Mondstadt register Read Noelle's study notes. - 5
Mixed, not shaken Complete "Cat Cocktail Bar" and unlock all endings. - 20
There is a "but" ... Help Diona find a special base for her drink. - 5
Your meow Take all the cats to the Cat's Tail Tavern. - 5
Total 120
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