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    芦In this world there are plants that have intelligence and know how to use the power of the elements. One of them is the Megaflora, a monster that uses artificial flowers to attract its prey. 禄

    ~ Dangerous plant

    HR Megafloras They are dangerous plants that can be found in Teyvat. The Megafloras It will spawn with three "crystals", which you use for specific attacks. They can also appear when the player picks a group of three Sweet Flowers, Lucettas, or Mints from the ground, or when an individual Flaming Flower and Mist Flower are neutralized. They also appear in Dragonwing if the snow that covers them melts.

    HR Megafloras that feed for a long time end up becoming Regisvids. Currently, only Cryo Megaflowers and Pyro Megaflowers can be found.


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    File Description

    芦A mimetic spirit that can appear out of nowhere and use the elements to fight.
    These plants lurk underground and ambush their prey when caught off guard. With the passage of time, enough nutrients and a suitable environment, they could take root and become a giant tree that moves and uses magical powers. 禄


  • Megaflora Cryo
  • Megaflora Cryo
  • Megaflora Pyro
  • Megaflora Pyro
  • Megaflora Electro
  • Megaflora Electro


  • Megaflora nectar
  • Megaflora nectar
  • Bright nectar
  • Bright nectar
  • Energetic nectar
  • Energetic nectar


    All Megaflowers have a 35% damage reduction against all attacks, apart from their own element, which is 75%. Megaflowers, when close to the player, tend to burrow and emerge within a short distance of them. Megaflowers have three "crystals" around them that indicate the amount of charges from their charged attack.

    This charged attack is used after a short duration of fighting the player. As they charge up their attacks, Megaflowers will glow brightly where a secondary shield bar will appear below their health bar. If this shield is not deactivated within 10 seconds, the Megaflowers will leave the state of charge and will bombard elemental attacks directed at the player and cannot be altered in this state.

    Depending on the elemental affinity of Megaflowers, the shield can be damaged through specific elemental reactions or weapons. A single application of Megafloras' weakness knocks him down immediately, which also includes the weather and is not affected by the character's stats.

    When the shield is destroyed, Megaflowers are stunned for approximately 15 seconds, and their passive damage reduction is reduced by 25% across the board.

    Alternatively, Megaflowers can be drowned by hitting or manipulating it to appear in a deep body of water, but not all Megaflowers appear near those areas.

    Megaflowers in disguise

    In some areas, instead of a Megaflora wandering around, it can appear as a collectible plant. If this plant is collected, elemental particles will appear in the surrounding area before the Megaflora sprouts from the ground, causing Elemental Damage in area in the process.

    A Cryo Megaflora disguised as a Sweet Flower. Note that the icon is different and the plant does not shine compared to the real Sweet Flowers.

    Using Vision on a Megaflora disguised as Mint and a real Mint.

    A Megaflora disguised as a Lucetta.

    • Does it awaken joy ?: Any standard collectible plant will shine, which means it is a collectible item. A Megaflora in disguise never shines.
    • Elemental Vision: Any standard collectible plant will display a white silhouette as the player character or non-elemental enemies when viewed with Vision. Megaflowers in disguise don't have that white silhouette.
    • The imposter has something to say: Any typical collectible plant will be displayed with its unique icon when the collect option appears once the player is close enough. For Megaflowers in disguise, a speech bubble appears instead of an icon, as if you were talking to a non-playable character.
    • Does it shine ?: This only works at night for Megaflowers dressed as Lucetta; The regular Lucetta will always glow a soft blue, the disguised ones will not.


    The location of the Megaflowers can be obtained on the map by using the Adventurer's Manual.

    Change history

    Version 2.0 Megaflora Electro was added to the game. Version 1.0 Megaflora Cryo and Megaflora Pyro were added to the game.
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