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    Marjorie is a non-playable character located in the City of Mondstadt, Mondstadt opposite the Gate of Wind and Glory. Can be found on the Mondstadt map with the Wind and Glory icon .


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    She is the daughter of Cyrus, she established the Wind and Glory store in Mondstadt with the treasures that her father had found in his adventures. Iris (Cyrus's older sister) is Marjorie's aunt.



    Mondstadt (ciudad), MondstadtMarjorie in the Wind and Glory


    • The redemption currency for this store is Insignia Anemo.
    Ingredients Price Quantity Total price
    Bit of agate agnidus 10 6 60
    Bit of Varunate Lazurite 10 6 60
    Piece of turquoise vayuda 10 6 60
    Piece of jade shivada 10 6 60
    Prithiva Topaz Bit 10 6 60
    Piece of amethyst vajrada 10 6 60
    Decarabian Tile Fragment 4 3 12
    Boreal Wolf Milk Tooth 4 3 12
    Dandelion Shackles 4 3 12
    Souvenir of the Four Winds 225 1 225
    Northern sword prototype 225 1 225
    Sea × 1 1 60 60
    Sea × 1 2
    Total price: 906


    • See for yourself!
    • Weirdo...


    Marjorie: Welcome. Each treasure is unique, so we do not negotiate its price, nor do we refund. I want to buy something. (Before unlocking the store) Marjorie: Marjorie: I want to buy something. Marjorie: See how much you want. Let me know if there is something that interests you. (The Souvenir Shop menu opens.) ' There is something I want to ask. Marjorie: Oh, I see that you are interested. Tell me about your articles. Marjorie: Which one caught your attention? Each item here is unique. Every purchase here is a bargain! Marjorie: We buy it from all adventurers. Each one of them represents their pansion and value ... Marjorie: So don't bother asking for a discount. You can never discount passion and courage! How did you come to own this store? Marjorie: Why did I open this store, you ask? It's because of my father. Marjorie: He is the Master of the Adventurer's Guild of the Mondstadt division. He always brings tons of treasures after every adventure. Marjorie: He always tells me the story behind each of the treasures ... He was my hero when I was little. Marjorie: I wanted to share these stories with everyone, so I opened this store ... Marjorie: But not long after the opening, my father got a little ... unstable, and talks to himself all day ... I think I heard you talk about the Kingdom of Wolves. Certain? Marjorie: Oh yeah. I saw something strange there a short time ago. Marjorie: From his silhouette, I think I saw a child, but he was with a pack of wolves and they all seemed to get along very well ... Marjorie: Maybe I got confused. It was quite far from me, after all, and I only got a quick look. Marjorie: How could a human live with wolves? How weird... Goodbye. Marjorie: Oh! Don't forget to bring items next time!


    • Marjorie's Chinese voice actress is the same as Fischl and Albedo's.
    • Marjorie's English dubbing actress is the same as Kamisato Ayaka's.
    • Razor is the boy she saw in the Kingdom of the Wolves.
    • Marjorie makes a small appearance in Genshin Impact - Klee: Jumping Bomb and Genshin Impact - Mona: Divine Orbit.

    Missions and events

    Archon missions

    • Chapter I
      • Act I - "A new rising star"
        • "The Rite of Ascent"

    Legendary missions

    • Time flies:
      • Act I - "A troublesome job"
        • "A Troubled Job (Mission)"
    • Encounters - Noelle:
      • Act I - "The path of a knight"
        • "The intention is what counts"
      • Act II - "The path of a knight"
        • "Noelle, the Substitute Grand Master"
    • Encounters - Bennett:
      • Act I - "A wonderful adventure"
        • Something ... other than an adventure?
    • Encounters - Diona:
      • Act I - «Feline cocktails»
        • "The key to finding cats"

    Custom missions

    • "A pleasant surprise"

    World missions

    • "Anemo Badge Collector"

    Event missions

    • Encounter with the wind flowers:
      • "Poem of flowers and clouds"
    • Summer, islands, adventures !:
      • I - "Mysterious islands: journey into the unknown"
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