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    manly, also known as the God of liberty, is the current Archon Anemo and one of the Seven who presides over Mondstadt. He is also one of the two original members of The Seven that are still alive at the beginning of the game.

    Among the Seven, whose strengths are directly proportional to the level of control and worship they have over their respective nations, the freedom-loving Barbatos, who refuses to reign over his people, is undoubtedly the weakest. However, he has many devotees in Mondstadt despite his lack of presence, which puzzles many foreigners.



    Still, the winds change direction.

    Someday, they will fly into a brighter future ... 

    Take my blessings and live quietly from this day forward. »

    ~ Barbatos, in the description of Turquesa vayuda

    Once, a simple elemental spirit that existed among the winds, the entity known as Barbatos, gained power through the faith of the people of Mondstadt during their rebellion against the ancient Archon Anemo, Decarabian. After the latter's death, Barbatos replaced his post and reestablished Mondstadt in its present form.

    Currently, Barbatos roams the world as the bard Venti.


    Barbatos is depicted as a male figure wearing a cape and ropes, with two wings on his back. A closer look shows that her hairstyle consists of two braids, one on each side of her head. This form is later revealed to be based on that of the nameless bard who perished in the first rebellion that liberated Old Mondstadt.

    Barbatos was originally a formless wind spirit. At the time of the rebellion 2 years ago, he assumed the form of a wisp-like creature and was known as "The Elf." Although it is tiny compared to the average human, it has green and white feathers. , a green diamond on his chest and a dark face with white eyes.


    Just as his Vision implies, Barbatos is a free-spirited entity, whose mischievous nature and song-singing attitude can sometimes irritate those around him with how frivolous he is. Sometimes their kind demeanor in storytelling can ease the mind to peace. Although he does not rule Mondstadt, coining it as a city of freedom, Barbatos is still well loved by its citizens as their Archon and deity. Although his alcoholism leads him to be easily tempted by the promise of wine, especially his favorite is dandelion wine from the Diluc winery.


    Known history

    2 years ago, the entity now known as Barbatos was a nameless and shapeless wind scroll in old Mondstadt. He formed a bond with the nameless bard, who sought to see the world beyond the fierce storm that surrounded the Decarabian capital. Known as "the elf," he participated in the bard's rebellion and, after a fierce fight, defeated the tyrannical lord.

    With the death of Decarabian, a power vacuum remained in Mondstadt, and both Andrius and Barbatos qualified for the post of Archon Anemo. Andrius, believing himself incapable of the love for humanity that an Archon needed to have, overlooked the position. Barbatos thus assumed office, and his first use of his powers was to take the form of the nameless bard in his memory, as he died in the battle against Decarabian.

    He reshaped the terrain and climate of Mondstadt into its current state by removing the snows, while Andrius, who was at the end of his life, realized that his fierce snowstorms could only take lives from him and decided to allow his power to flow. towards Mondstadt so that it could nurture the earth. After his death, he became one of the Four Winds of Mondstadt and assumed his current icy form seen in the Kingdom of Wolves.

    At the end of the Archon War 2 years ago, Barbatos was one of the original Seven who were victorious. He became quite close to Morax, Archon Geo and ruler of the neighboring nation of Liyue. After establishing his land as the land of the free, Barbatos refused to rule his people directly and left.

    Despite being a land of freedom, Mondstadt would not be free forever. Around 1 years after the fall of the Decarabian, Mondstadt had fallen into the hands of the aristocracy, an oppressive ruling class that defied all that Barbatos left for its people. Seeing the state of his land, Barbatos descended to Mondstadt once more. Using his tricks, he aided Vennessa in her rebellion against the aristocracy. After overthrowing the oppressive rulers, he founded the Knights of Favonius and Mondstadt was established as the land that is known today.

    100 years before the start of the game, the Black Dragon "Durin" emerged from Khaenri'ah and flew towards Mondstadt carrying a highly toxic poison. Barbatos answered the prayers of his people, and called his best friend, the dragon Dvalin, to fight against Durin together. After his victory, his corpse fell on Dragonwing. Currently, his heart is still active despite the fact that only his bones are left in the open.

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