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Madam ping is a non-playable character located in the Port of Liyue. She can be found during the day on Liyue's Yujing Terrace, admiring the Crystal Lily flowers.

Madame Ping's introductory dialogue changes slightly after completing one of the Archon Missions: Chapter I, Act II: Farewell, Master Enhanced.

Following a certain path of dialogue for the first time gives 5 Crystal Lily.


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Madame Ping is an Adeptus, as well as the Keeper and Possessor of the Cleansing Bell. He lives in a magical ceramic teapot, a Domain.

In the past, Madame Ping was a "vain beauty" who often looked at the Cleaning Bell, then owned by Morax. He eventually relented and gave it to her, but told her that if someone were to retrieve the bell, she shouldn't be reluctant to part with it. At some point after the Port of Liyue was established, he decided to settle there, even after all of his fellow Adeptus, besides Ganyu and Yanfei, retreated to Jueyun Gorge and hid from the eyes of mortals.

Zhongli tasks the Traveler with retrieving Madame Ping's Cleaning Bell for the Rite of Ascent, a traditional ceremony to dismiss the Adeptus. For his own reasons, he chooses not to accompany them to visit Madame Ping and refuses to divulge his reasons. As the Traveler retrieves the bell from her, she transports them to her magic kettle as evidence, revealing herself to be an Adeptus. After successfully retrieving the bell, she asks them to convey a message to her "old friend" (Zhongli), inviting him for a cup of tea.

Madame Ping later reappears with her fellow Adeptus in "Unexpected Turn" to defend Liyue Harbor from Osial, the Overlord of the Vortex, an ancient god that Morax sealed long ago in the past, as well as to prevent the Fatui from destroying to the Guizhong Ballista. She grants the Traveler her adptic energy that allows her to release intermittent shockwaves, which are the only offensive effect in the fight.

Once the dust settles, he briefly speaks with the group, expressing his appreciation to Liyue, his people, and Ningguang's great sacrifice, as well as the new era that is approaching for Liyue, where its residents no longer need the protection of the Adeptus for every insignificant matter, encouraging his friends to do the same and assuring them that Liyue remains in the good hands of the Seven Stars of Liyue.

Some time after Osial's defeat, Madame Ping learned that the Traveler and Paimon did not have adequate shelter; for they had usually camped overnight. Hearing this, during her next visit, she told them that she was preparing a special gift for them in gratitude for their efforts to save Liyue Harbor, having commissioned a fellow Adeptus, Yanfei, to collect the materials. With the Traveler accompanying her, Yanfei was able to take Jadeíta Smaragdus to Madame Ping, who then made a Relaxer for them with the materials, explaining its purpose and telling them that it would be of great use to them on their travels.


Madame Ping spends most of her time solemnly reminiscing about the past and often admiring the flowers. She is one of the most outspoken Adeptus, acknowledging the Port of Liyue and its people, as well as Ningguang's great sacrifice for her life's work, the Jade Chamber.

There is also a more aggressive side; While he appears to be tolerant of the Fatui, he claims that he would take action if they went too far. When in fact they go overboard by trying to interfere with the Adeptus and The Seven Stars of Liyue's attempt to reseal Osial, Madame Ping's adptic energy bestowed on the Traveler is notably the only one with an offensive effect.


In her youth, Madame Ping herself said that she was a "vain beauty", whom even Rex Lapis could not dissuade from giving her the Cleansing Bell.

Today, Madame Ping is an old woman with gray hair in a low bun. She wears a long dark green short-sleeved dress with brown details and mint green prints. Her longer sleeves that fit below the sleeves of her dress are white and flowing, with matching green cuffs. The neckline and waistband of her dress are maroon, and she wears a wheat-colored shawl.

Missions and events

World missions

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Archon missions

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  • Another flower bloomed ...
  • So splendid ... (during the Rite of the Lantern)
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