Luhua Pond

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«Legend has it that a pure and deep feeling filled this ancient garden with water, giving rise to the Luhua Pond of today. »

~ Garden of Wailing

El Luhua Pond (Chinese: 渌 华池 Lùhuá Chí) is an area in the Chiongji Estuary, Liyue.


  • 1 Notable features
  • 2 Objects and materials
  • 3 NPC
  • 4 Enemies

Notable features

  • Guizang Formula Hidden Palace
  • The Luhua Pond Landscape (World Missions)
    • Geo Monument
  • Pressure Platforms (requires Geo Traveler or other method to activate multiple platforms at once)

Objects and materials

Color lapis Crab Lotus head Electrocrystal




Slime Electro.pngSlime ElectroSlime Gigante Dendro.pngSlime Gigante DendroSlime Hydro.pngSlime Hydro
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